40 Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic (In 2020)

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Do you want to increase your website traffic? if yes then this article is a must read article for you which will definitely help you to increase your website traffic.

Everybody wants to increase their website traffic just like you because this will lets you to generate more income, more contact and more exposure in your niche.

So in this article which is based on how to increase your website traffic i am listing 40 proven ways which i used to generate and increase my website and get over 100,000 visitors every month on this website in just 1 year so lets get started.

Under this list i listed 40 ways which will help you to increase your website traffic only if you do all this steps correctly.

#1. Choosing Perfect Web Hosting

Web Hosting is one of the earliest step of every creating and running the website so if your website or blog foundation is not strong then how will your website becomes successful.

Choosing good web hosting is as important as like choosing a niche for your website.

It is the only thing that will keep your website running 24/7 and 365 days.

No matter how good your website content is if it is not accessible to your website visitors then no one can make your website successful.

So whenever you start a blog or website think twice that hosting is one of the most important things for your website.

There are number of web hosting provider on the internet you have to decide what is your website requirement and what kind of web hosting do you need do you want shared web hosting or dedicated servers for your website or some other kind of hosting.

While choosing your hosting for your website you have to pay strong attention to hosting uptime, speed, security, customer service these are the basic and most important things you have to look on web hosting.

I recommend you Bluehost Web Hosting service it is one of the best and budget web hosting service with many web hosting options.

#2. Choosing Right Theme

After choosing web hosting you have to choose themes or templates for your website or blog.

If you know programming like me than great but if you don’t know or want to use themes for your website then you have to select a good themes for your niche.

There are millions of themes available on internet to choose from some are paid and some are free you can choose from variety of options.

Like if you are creating a blog then choose blog theme or if you are creating business website then choose business theme or if you are crating an ecommerce website then choose ecommerce theme.

There are literally tons of themes for every kind of website. You have to decide and choose the best suitable theme for your website.

Themes also plays a crucial role in increasing your website traffic. Your website theme should be neat and clean and without and cliches while scrolling and must me loading fast so that your website visitor do not have to wait for too long.

There are many marketplace where you can get free or paid themes for your website and one of them is Elegant Themes they have the best collection of themes on internet.

#3. Create New Content

Did you post content regularly on your website or blog? If not then you must have to post content regularly to get more traffic.

Yes i know that creating new content regularly is one of the most difficult task specially if you run your website single handedly.

But there are lots of benefits of creating content on a regular basis on your website.

First your website readers regularly get new content whenever they visits your website so they visit your website more frequently and also suggest other readers in their connection to visit your website for fresh content.

Google loves new and quality content so that is another reason to create and post fresh and quality content regularly because the more you post more quickly the google crawler crwal and rank your website.

If you are not using Google Search Console then start using this right now and create a sitemap everytime your publish any content on your website or blog and then submit the sitemap on Google Search Console this will tell Google to crawl your website for new content.

And ultimately rank your website article or blog post more frequently and increase your website traffic.

You should not only use Google Search Console but also use some other webmaster tools like Bing webmaster tools etc which will help you to increase your website traffic.

#4. Organic Traffic

Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the best traffic for websites and blog this traffic is also called search engine traffic.

And everything which is best comes with lot of efforts and organic traffic is no different.

In order to get high organic traffic it takes a lot of efforts and time. You have to write good quality content do on-page and off-page optimisations and build quality backlinks and many more things.

And once the organic traffic starts flowing on your website you don’t have to worry much about other things.

Why Organic traffic is best traffic for your website? Let me answer this suppose if i tell you to write 1 quality blog post on ‘How To Start A Blog’ and do proper SEO share your article on social media and all these things take around 10-12 hours if done perfectly and leave the article to rank and once the article rank you will get tons of organic traffic every month without doing any work for years.

This the power of organic traffic. Some of the article on this website gets more than 10,000 organic visitors every month without putting much efforts.

Organic traffic depends on various factors like niche, time, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and quality content without these things you did not get good organic traffic that is for sure.

If you are starting a new website or blog then you have to choose your niche very carefully whether your niche have good organic searches or not this thing is very important.

After that quality content i said earlier also that quality content is most important for any kind of website because it is the only things which will attract your readers for lifetime.

Then SEO comes to play his role. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation means optimize your content for search engine also but don’t over optimise your content this will lead to Search Engine Penalty.

SEO is of two types On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO both of these are necessary to rank your website on search engines and to increase organic traffic.

#5. Internal Linking

Increase Traffic Using Internal Linking

Internal linking is a part of On-page SEO where you link your old content or related content with each other.

Suppose i write this article which is based on increase website traffic and i mentioned increase organic traffic in this article and i already created an article on increase organic traffic so i link my old article in this article where i mentioned increase organic traffic.

Internal linking is very beneficial because it tell your readers that we also have related content on this topic which keeps your readers more engage on your website which is good in both SEO terms and website traffic.

But make sure to link only related content because it will also give negative impact on your website.

Internal linking not only helps you to generate more traffic but also increases page authority and ultimately increase your website traffic by ranking higher in search engines.

Let me tell you this website example i internal link some of the my articles with each other and after some time around more than 2 weeks this website organic traffic increase by 5-8% and pageviews increases by 10-15% which incredible.

How internal links helps your website to generate more traffic? When you link some of the related articles to each other then google crawler things that these links are also a valauble resource and give them higher rankings.

#6. Link Building

Increase Website Traffic Using Link Building

Link building is one of the best but very risky method to increase website traffic if you do this correctly it will give you millions of traffic and if you did not do it correctly it will lead your website to complete disaster.

Link building is the process to get links from other websites, the more links pointing to your website more valuable will be your website and its content.

Biggest search engine Google does not like link building because this process is not a natural process of getting links to your website.

Natural link building process is where you write awesome content which will get links automatically from other websites where you don’t have to build links by yourself.

The number 1 website is google which has more than 3,420,161 so this tells search engines how valuable the website is.

Links are not the only factor which will tell search engines of how valuable the website is.There are many factors and one of them and the major one is links.

Link are of two types good quality links or bad quality links. To get higher ranking in search engines you have to get good quality backlinks.

The links which you get from high authority websites which have high pagerank or high domain authority like reddit, techcrunch, huffington post, high authority social media websites and etc.

The more links you get from such websites more trust you get from search engines and chances of getting penalized will decrease gradually.

#7. Starting A Newsletter

Increase Website Traffic Using Email Marketing

Did you use newsletter to get more traffic to your website? If no then start doing this right now.

This is one of the biggest mistake most of the bloggers do.

They did not use newsletter and build an email list of their subscribers.

I was also like you and believe me i was regreting of not building an email list and sending the newsletter until i use one.

Newsletter is one fo the top ways to get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales.

You should start creating an email list and turn your website visitors into email subscribers and ultimately your customers.

How newsletter helps to generate more traffic to your website?

Suppose your website or blog getting 1000 visitors per day and by using newsletter service you convert 5% of your visitors into email subscribers every day so in the end of the month you have 1500 subcribers.

When you send newsletter about your latest blog post, about any offer or an event etc to your subscribers more than 10% of your subscribers will return to your website and that visitors will be more than 150.

So in this way you get more traffic, customer and sales and if you send newsletter everyday to all your subscribers you will get more than 4500 visitors every month and by the way that’s a good amount of visitors for new websites without doing much work.

I recommend you to use Aweber for building an email list and sending newsletter because it is the best email marketing tool i have ever use.

#8. Web Push Notification

Web Push Notifications is a kind of new method of getting more traffic to your website. But it’s very effective and better than email marketing but you don’t have any emails because this does not work with emails.

What is web push notifications?

Push Notifications are the small alerts which is shown to all your subscribers in their browsers whenever you want no matter what device you use.

Push Notifications works exactly like app notifications and no matter your are offline or online your subscribers will get notifications whenever they are online.

Web Push Notification gives a very simple way to your website visitors to subscribe for your website push notifications and due to its effective popup more than 10% of your website visitors will convert into subscribers.

Web Push Notification are easy to use, easy to integrate and more effective than any list building if you have around 1000 subscribers you will easily get 100 susbcribers return to your website whenever you send notifications.

If you did not use push notifications for your website till now than start using one you will definitely get good amount of traffic and sales.

I recommend you to use PushEngage Web Push Notification tools because it is the best web push notification tool with low price and great features. We also use PushEngage on some of our website.

#9. Google Search Console

Did you use Google Search Console to increase your website traffic? If not use this it will significantly increase your website traffic for sure.

I was not taking Google Search Console seriously just like but that was also one of the mistake that i did but now i use this to increase my website traffic by submtting sitemap and by finding which page of my blog is not getting any traffic or low traffic and by find keywords that people used to searches and finding my website.

Google Search Console is a free tool made for webmasters just like you and i to inprove their website by getting more insights like traffic, indexing, issue and many more.

You can use Google Search Console for finding how many pages are index in Google, how much search traffic you get every month, where i am getting links and how your webpages are performing and much more.

In this way you can use this tool to find low performing page or pages that do not get any search traffic and you can optmize those pages and this way you can increase your website traffic.

I use Google Search Console for finding my low traffic webpages and keywords which i used to get traffic, domain which gives me backlinks and many other things.

I also use this tool to find if there is an error on website like crawl errors, URL errors make sure none these errors will occur again because this will decrease your website ranking and traffic.

So in this way you can use Google Search Console to increase your website traffic significantly.

#10. Submit Your Site To Search Engines

If you have a new website or your website has 0 links from other website then you must have to submit your website to search engines.

Submitting your website to search engines means just telling them that you have a website and please crawl my website and its content.

This will help you to rank your website quickly in search engines.

It takes couple of weeks to rank your website because there are billions of website around and it is difficult and slow process to rank website.

Many popular search engines like Google, Bing etc provides and easy form to submit your website in their direcrtory so that they can crawl your website and its content quickly.

Submit your website to Google by using there Webmaster Tool or by using there URL submission tool.

Submit your website to Bing by using there Webmaster Tools.

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