bulk photo editing and clipping path service at a cheap price

Image of bulk photo editing and clipping path service at a cheap price

Photo retouching service

Choosing the best  photo retouching service, we recommend you addressing photo retouch, the most effective service to save your precious time back without damaging the quality of your photos. Shooters who use photographers photo editing companies earn 40% more than photographers who retouch all photos themselves. If you are a wedding, portrait, or product photographer, photo retouching  service is your best assistant to solve any photographer's edit you need.

photo retouching serviceis becoming a standard practice fast. Many experienced and new shooters are using photo retouching services full time, others are ordering these services during the busy part of their work as wedding and event photographers.

There are three main advantages of using our services:paying your business time on other tasks, making your turnaround quicker and wasting less time on photography post production.Our photo retouching service provide all main elements of digital photo retouching necessary for photographers to have a great shot.

Our experienced retouchers always follow the customer’s personal photography style, make all touch ups natural, not overphotoshopped. We work till you are fully satisfied with the final result. 

Why to should photo retouching service?

Why should you choose our company of Clipping Expert Asia instead of other photographers photo editing companies? photo retouching serviceoffers many photo editing levels  with affordable prices and turnaround. There are many benefits of outsourcing your photos to us. You will absolutely save a lot of time and have free hours to yourself.

This will scale your business, increase the number of your orders. Our level of customer service is high, we are always happy to help you with any troubles. You can persuade in our words having read photo retouching services reviews on other sources. The managers speak many languages, so do not worry about having broken English. 

Our photo retouchers replicate your current photographic style as closely as possible. We consider individual stylistic characteristics of everyone. Photo  retouching service guarantees you will get photographs you’re happy with in the end.

We provide class-leading customer support that is personal and personalized to each client, making the outsourcing photography process simple and efficient.

Portrait photo retouching services:


This portrait retouching service is recommended to apply to male/female portraits, images of children, toddlers, elderly people photos, namely, all photos of a person or a group of people.

Services applied: 

  • Color correction

  • Red eyes removal

  • Natural skin smoothening

  • Fixing imperfections (acne, scars, blemishes)

  • Make up enhancement

  • Stray hair retouching

  • Face shape retouching

  • Hollywood teeth whitening 

  • Burning and dodging

  • Blurring background

Headshot Retouching Services:

This image retouching service is recommended to apply to a specific kind of portrait that naturally shows a person's look for business, branding or casting. These are photos of models, actors and artists. 

Services applied: 

  • Skin retouching

  • Resizing/Cropping

  • Complex Background Extending

  • Stray hair fixing

  • Clothes smoothen

  • Small objects removal

  • Braces removing

  • Glasses glare fixing

  • Swapping Heads/Body Parts

  • Colors of Clothes/Image Items Changing

Body Retouching Services for Professional Photographers:


Photo retouching  service is recommended to apply to all photographs of people that show the person’s figure.

Services applied: 

  • Skin retouching

  • Body liquifing

  • HDR effect

  • Body slimming

  • Figure imperfections removing

  • Boudoir photo retouching

  • Clothes smoothening

  • Items removal

Photoshop Editing Services for Family Photographs

This service is recommended to apply to family, grouped photographs made in studios or outdoors.

Services applied: 

  • Body/face reshaping

  • Color correction services

  • Skin enhancement

  • Teeth whitening

  • Cropping

  • Background retouching

  • Small objects removal/adding

  • Blemishes fixing

  • Objects/clothes recoloring 

  • Photos merging

Photo retouch Newborn Editing Services

These image retouching services are recommended to apply to the images of children and teenagers. 

Services applied:

  • Skin color correction

  • Unwanted objects removal

  • Pageant beauty retouching

  • Background extending

  • Heads/eyes swapping

  • Stylization

  • Clothes smoothening

  • Shadows/white balance correction

  • High End retouching


We have been working in the field of professional photo editing services for photographers since 2012. During this time, about 10000 people became our customers. Photographers, fashion agents, models, actors and actresses, real estate agents and just private individuals turn to us for our photo post production services. Many have long experience with us and constantly use Photo retouching services.


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