Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – 13 To Watch

Image of Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – 13 To Watch

1.      Omnichannel marketing

Whenever I hear the phrase omnichannel marketing, it sounds almost a bit Zen (assuming I have a remote clue what something Zen really sounds like) – omni meaning ‘all, the whole, of every kind’.  It is a kind of marketing approach that involves creating a harmonious customer experience, no matter where the customer finds you.  And it tops the list of digital marketing trends 2019 because it is an overarching theme to use all of the other trends with.  Zen sounding?

2.      Having a strategy

Nothing new about having a strategy but it is worth stating again that it is always on trend.  When the strategy is digital marketing, it is important to have it in place first, before you start to try out these different trends.  You know you need your omnichannel harmony, next you need your strategic approach on how you are going to offer this.

Key with creating any strategy is assessing how it works (analytics) and making changes if things aren’t working after a certain period of time.  Lots of people work in quarters or 90-day windows.  Establish how long you are going to give the elements of the strategy, so you know when it is time to dive into those analytics and assess it.

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