How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Facebook [2018 Edition]

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And finally:

Users crave expertise and personality behind brands, and your personal brand of Facebook becomes that very mouthpiece to grow the audience and build positive customer relationships.

Long story short, personal brands are better than corporate. Grow yours on Facebook – and you and your business will succeed.

How to do that?

2018 calls the shots:

Your Audience

To hook the target audience, write on topics interesting to them. Simple as that. But how to know what they want?

Interact with them.

Specialists claim it will help to get information and understand what to post on your Facebook page. They recommend creating several (say three) social media personas to learn their content needs through targeting.

Sure enough, they are people with interests and needs relevant to your brand. Your audience is individuals you can reach on both business and individual levels. Their feedback will point your Facebook profile in the right direction and help to build it on trust.

Where to look for your audience?

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