Integrate MongoDB in CodeIgniter for database operation

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In previous article, we discussed about CodeIgniter with MySQL. Today we are going to discuss about CodeIgniter with MongoDB. MongoDB is open source, NoSQL database developed to deal with limitations of SQL Databases. It is very useful where we have no predefined database structure or schema. SQL databases were not designed to cope with scale and agility challenge that face modern application.

Many Organizations, from startup to largest company are choosing Mongodb because of its high performance, scalability or you can do lot of things which you never did with SQL databases like application changes in real time without worrying about any interruptions. You can big change in your application database structure in MongoDB while in other database which follows Relational or NoSQLit’s very difficult.

Mongodb works on concept of collection or documents. Collection is set of documents like table in Relational Database and document is a set of key-value pairs. It’s not necessary that document in same collection have the set same set of columns fields or field structure.

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