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You are able to reset the password in WordPress by sending yourself an email using the lost password option. You are asked for the username or email and if all is well, an email with password reset link is sent. However, sometimes this is not an option for various reasons.

Firstly you need access to phpMyAdmin, which is a database administration tool. Almost all web hosting service providers give their users access to this tool (or something similar) to administer databases on the server. You often get access to this through your hosting control panel, or through a special web address. Please contact your web host if you are unsure about this.

STEP 1 Once you are logged into phpMyAdmin, select the database that you are using for your WordPress installation (you may skip this step if you are logged into a single database).

STEP 2 Once the database is selected, you should see the main tables used listed on the left hand side. It may look a little different to mine due to different plugin options in your WordPress install, but the principle is the same. Find and click on the table ending ‘users’ – you may have a different prefix at the start, ‘wp_’ being the default. In the example shown, I am selecting the table ‘wp_users’, but yours may be called something like ‘blog_users’ or ‘mainsite_users’ depending on your wp-config.php file.

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