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Several weekends ago, for the first time, I accompanied my wife, Geraldine (aka Everywhereist, whose blog was just placed on's Top 25 Blogs of 2011 and then on Forbes' Top 10 Lifestyle Sites; woo hoo!), to Vancouver, BC for a professional conference focused on her career rather than mine (TBEX - the Travel Bloggers Exchange). Given that she's attended countless sessions on SEO, analytics, tech startups and scalable SaaS models, I figured it was the least I could do.

Jennifer Miner, Speaking about SEO for Travel Blogs at TBEX 2011

I only attended a few sessions, but one of the most crowded and exciting (for me) was a discussion on SEO run by Jennifer Miner of Vacation Gals (pictured above). I was amazed by the large percentage of the attendees who chose the SEO session over several others that sounded quite tempting and could only conclude that SEO was, indeed, of interest and importance to these tech-savvy travel writers.

Honestly, Jen rocked it. She didn't have slides, but she gave a genuine, heartwarming and information-packed session. For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to empathize with her audience and remember what it's like to look at the SEO world with a mixture of fear, awe and confusion, and I want to pay it forward by sharing my advice and experience with SEO, specifically geared to travel bloggers (though possibly of interest to lots of others relatively new to the field).

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