COVID rantings from an EM PA

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Deal Score+1

I’m tired. And the surge hasn’t even happened yet in my area.

The ER is now considered an isolation unit in addition to our ICU and “covid” floor. That means n95 mask, eye goggles, and “gown” at all times even when not near a patient care area. The n95 mask is not meant to be worn at all times. You’re breathing back in your CO2. I swear it’s making me stupider. Which is awesome when you know you’re dealing with people’s lives. I took my mask and eye googles off for a few minutes while documenting on a pt and one of the admin nurses yelled at me to put it back on.

I put “gown” in quotations because we’re wearing the one use disposable gowns all shift long… and we’re not changing them between pt rooms… even if they’re suspected covid.

I’m also breaking out along where my mask lies on my face. Or I’ve got indentations. Almost looks like I’ve been punched in the face. I’m also feeling  SOB and coughy from the mask being on all day after each shift. Low key worried every single time I’ve got the COVID.

Anyway… I know the census has definitely been lower the past few weeks. People are still coming in for inappropriate complaints and getting discharged pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure my pt complaints have gone up a lot… but whatever. I’m not keeping you longer than necessary and have you exposed to COVID or MRSA or whatever other multi-drug resistant bacteria grows in the hospital.

We’re definitely going to be paying for it. Soon. In the next few weeks. Our census will be back to the balls-to-the-walls numbers they were and probably surpass that. We’ll think back on these days and think “oh how I miss the good ol’ days” with the lower census. Honestly I’m ready to think back as these times as the “days gone by” (or whatever the expression is).

It’s so weird what our new normal is.

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