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'Zen' can mean many things: Zen Buddhism, Zen meditation, Zen method, Zen philosophy or Zen approach to life, Zen experience or -realization, Zen enlightenment or - awakening and so on. However Zen meditation and realization are different from Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism characterizes a religious group; Zen meditation is independent from any specific religion. In fact Zen is the religion of non-religion, yet in its light religions can truly be themselves. Zen, in terms of practice and realization is apart from any philosophy, ideology or any "- ism" (Monism, pantheism, nihilism, secularism, humanism etc.). It transcends both, negation and affirmation. It finds and fulfills any reality in its suchness and singleness. It is the death of the "Old person" and the birth of the "New person", the new sky and the new earth. However, Zen is more practice and action (Jap. gyo, Sanscr. sadhana) than theory. It is the exercise of life together with the Master, the Sangha and daily living. It is the practice with body, mind and spirit that becomes realized within the space between oneself and the others - the action of the universe.

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