How is Innovation Like Major League Baseball?


Travelocity founder Terry Jones shares 3 ways CEOs can benefit by thinking like a baseball manager. "In baseball, you can fail 70 percent of...

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Does workplace conflict sabotage it?


When two or more people share responsibility for a decision, conflict between them causes decisions based on their power contest, not from t...

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Steps Toward Strategic Planning for Small Business


A strategic planning template is not some sort of checklist that you complete by the numbers are you go through the process. If there was s...

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Video: Ritz Carlton- Succession Planning


To be successful a business has to survive as a going concern, having enough money, enough experience, and enough leadership to make it thro...

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Social Media Marketing Plan: One Hour Per Week – Small...


Strategic planning is looking down the path beyond the next business cycle, or the next year, or even the next growing season. There are man...

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In Small Businesses Having Leadership Skills Is Crucial


Leadership skills, from the point of view of an outsider are considerably different from those of the individuals you will need to follow ...

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Do You Have 21st. Century Leadership Skills?


What exactly makes a great leader you may ask? Are inherited leadership skills part of the equation? Are there any established leadership de...

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