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Welcome to 360 daily inspiration: Healing quotes I've gathered for you like beautiful flowers of every shape, color and fragrance. As a practicing yogini for thirty-five years, I’ve collected many sacred words and sayings. I'm delighted to offer them to you in this convenient list form. Starting with quotations from Buddha, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, and continuing with other blessed Souls, there are hundreds of peace quotes, yoga quotes and unique meditation quotes available at this site.
I intuitively choose a healing quotes “message” in the morning (or it actually chooses me) and use it throughout my day to focus upon in my creative musings and meditation. Please enjoy, and may you smile as you "fill your cup" and drink from the healing wellspring of awakening inspiration. Homage to these Masters! La Gyalo! Emaho!
In Oneness, Namasté
Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash

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