Off duty deputy helps to save this baby's life : MadeMeSmile

Image of Off duty deputy helps to save this baby's life : MadeMeSmile

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I suspect this guy will be getting Christmas cards for a very long time.

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Fuck rhe christmas cards.


This cop is going to have hella fun.

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you're totally right and thats 10 x better.

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Can confirm, gfs family (well so is she) are black. Shit is epic.

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I really just want bi yearly updates about the events that will transpire between that family and the police officer. I need to know!

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Who held the baby in the cop car on the way to the hospital? I would think the mother would want to travel with the baby. Anyway, cool story.

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There was a female officer at the end of the video, headed to the squad car with him.

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I thought the article I read mentioned that he just cradled the baby. He was only about a quarter mile from the hospital.

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I always feel left out because my black family is boring as hell lol

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