Backpacking Cambodia: 3 Suggested Itineraries for Your Trip in 2019

Image of Backpacking Cambodia: 3 Suggested Itineraries for Your Trip in 2019

Cambodia: it’s full of warm and friendly people, beautiful coastlines, a lively nightlife, and it has a growing foodie scene. It’s also one of the cheapest countries in the world.

I didn’t have high expectations when I first visited in 2006. Back then, all I knew about Cambodia was its awful history involving the Khmer Rouge and that it was home to Angkor Wat.

But I was blown away by the people and their warmth, spirit, and hospitality; the beautiful natural scenery; and the country’s long history. It was wonderful, and I ended up staying weeks longer than I thought I would (I especially loved Phnom Penh). I returned often, including spending over a month there when I was writing my first book. (It made for a great base of operations.)

In the last decade or so, Cambodia has grown by leaps and bounds. Sleepy little towns I visited before are now megacities, tourists (especially Russians and Chinese) visit en masse, there are more ATMs (there was exactly one in the country when I first went), and there’s a growing expat and foodie scene.

Cambodia still has problems, but it’s a lot more cosmopolitan today than when I first went.

What should you do when you visit Cambodia?

How should you plan your trip?

Below are some itineraries that include the best destinations in Cambodia. You can use them as a guideline to help you make the most of your trip!

What to See and Do in Cambodia: A One-Week Itinerary

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