I have been traveling for work ever since I started this website. My first thought when starting a business as a blogger and a business consultant was that I would get to do it from the comfort of my own home. While I do get to do that 90% of the time sometimes I get great opportunities to interview a company,  be a guest speaker for an event, or be part of a business conference. Those are not things that I often get to do from my couch. 

Traveling as a small business owner, or blogger can be hard because the company needs you to be on call at all times. This means: having a GOOD internet connection, comfortable seating, and enough space to work as a team not all hotels and airlines have that. 

80% of my audience is small business owners, bloggers, and people traveling for work so I have taken it upon myself to figure out what the best hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and cruises are when traveling for work so you can make the most of it.

When deciding on a hotel I wanted to make sure it had a few things:

  • A Restaurant

  • A Great Location

  • A Decent Price

  • Good Reviews

  • Nice Decor 

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