Facebook Engagement - The New Way Of Doing (Social) Selling

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After publishing two monthly reviews: US airlines industry report and tips&tricks of top 5 female social media influencers, lots of blog subscribers and digital marketers replied to my posts: sales are the primary metric we should focus on, not Facebook engagement.
I get you people. After working as a strategic marketer for a non-sexy niche: security apps for MacOS, Windows, and Android, debating with the managers why you should invest in Facebook when you don't get immediate feedback (meaning sales) is a tough task.
But don’t give up. Why?
Because the buyer journey has changed in the last years. Before finalizing the buying process, people are looking for a recommendation on Facebook or Twitter, they are asking their friends or family and they are reading the Facebook page's reviews.

No more phone calls to support or emails, people are looking for social support: Facebook, Twitter, even on Instagram. Sprout Social, in Q1 2016, noted that people’s top choices for customer care are:
Social - 34,5%
Website/live chat - 24.7%
Email - 19.4%
1-800 number - 16.1%
Store - 5.3%
They are looking for person to person communication, “social surpasses phone and email as the first place most people turn when they have a problem or issue with a product or service" according to Sprout’s consumer survey.
So, invite your managers to the Facebook page to see how many people requested an issue and how much time does it take to help your fans with their problems.
Facebook Engagement - the new metric for social selling
Add these metrics when discussing with your managers for a budget for new analytics tools or hiring new people. Point out these ideas when asking a budget increase:

#1. Facebook Engagement - is the new way of changing customers' emotions while they experience your product or service.

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