If you’re looking for more traffic, STOP!

Image of If you’re looking for more traffic, STOP!

“How can I get more traffic?” is one of the MAIN questions people ask me.

But last weekend, while I was preparing for a presentation, I had a HUGE “AHA!” moment.

Looking for “traffic” is a HUGE mistake.


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The #1 reason why you don’t want traffic

Traffic makes us focus on the raw numbers, but those raw numbers are MISLEADING.

Here’s the deal:

Back when I ran an entertainment blog, I was generating millions of hits. Heck, in 2007 alone, it attracted around 30 million hits.

(Side note: My entertainment blog was so large that a publicly traded company actually reached out and wanted to acquire it. I said no)

But the one statistic that most people NEVER knew about had nothing to do with my “traffic.”

I’ll explain.

You see, even though I was getting millions of people to my website, if I updated a NEW blog post and linked someone, I’d send at MOST 1,000 people to their website.

Yep, a site that received millions of hits each month could only direct at most 1,000 people to another person’s site with a new blog post.

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