23 Affordable Dinnerware Sets to Upgrade Your Table (Without Breaking the Bank)

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23 Affordable Dinnerware Sets to Upgrade Your Table (Without Breaking the Bank)

As a woman of the unmarried persuasion, I haven’t been afforded the opportunity to make a gift registry (yet!) and therefore have not received a fancy and curated dinnerware set. Despite my rather, ahem, advanced age, I’ve been working with a relative mishmash of hand-me-downs acquired haphazardly throughout the years, everything from flatware to cooking pans and plates. But as it happens, you don’t need to wait until the proverbial church bells ring to put together a grown-up, lovely table setting. There are plenty of surprisingly affordable dinnerware sets available that will elevate your home dining experience.

Despite its obvious, deeply functional use, dinnerware doesn’t have to be boring either. High-end sets made of good quality materials can seriously improve the overall aesthetic of your tablescape. No matter what your interior design style or what kind of budget you’re working with, we’ve got a chic and affordable dinnerware set for you. And yes, every one of them is beautiful enough to display on open shelving.

So, keep reading for a look at some seriously stunning dinnerware sets that won’t break the bank.

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Food52 launched its home shop in 2013 intending to bring high-quality products from talented artisans around the world to one spot. They curate beautiful collections that elevate kitchens and make life easier. They know that it’s all about the details, and it shows in their gorgeous products.

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shaker ceramic dinnerware food52

Shaker Ceramic Dinnerware

Muted pinks, grays, and cream tones add a bit of curated calm to a table. They’re thoughtfully made with a nod to Japanese and Shaker design influences. They’re timeless, not to mention dishwasher safe, and scratch-resistant as well.

Buy it here.

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food52 inku scalloped ceramic dishware

Inku Scalloped Ceramic Dinnerware

Inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi style, these lovely and imperfect dishes have ridges that mimic shells and blossoms. They couldn’t be sweeter.

Buy it here.

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Camp Melamine Dinnerware

Bring the look of classic camping enamelware to your kitchen with this forties-inspired white speckled design. Melamine doesn’t rust, is virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, and family-friendly.

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What can we say about Target that you don’t already know? This beloved mega-retailer has everything you could ever want and more. They consistently raise the bar with their products and work with seriously impressive designers on collaborations that are as beautiful as they are affordable. Long live Target!

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target project 62 stoneware avesta dinnerware set

Project 62 12-Piece Stoneware Avesta Dinnerware Set

This simple, elegant set includes four dinner plates, four bowls, and four salad plates in a clean modern design with a glossy glazed finish. It’s casual chic and perfect for everyday meals or entertaining.

Buy it here.

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elama porcelain dinnerware set

Elama 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

This classic ridged design calls to mind mid-century bakeware in the best way. It’s wildly affordable and looks great to boot.

Buy it here.

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target corelle vitrelle embossed dinnerware set

Corelle 18-Piece Vitrelle Embossed Dinnerware Set

These lightweight plates and bowls are made of easy-to-clean and durable glass. they are perfect for every aesthetic and occasion.

Buy it here.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is all about making life easier, cozier, brighter, and better. Today we’re poking around the beyond for a look at their vast selection of affordable dinnerware sets. In keeping with their philosophy, these sets are a lovely representation of their many high-quality products that are available at a deeply affordable price point.

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bed bath and beyond tabletop unlimited china dinnerware set

Tabletop Unlimited Otella Bone China 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Update your table with this contemporary, simple white-on-white style. It’s made of bone china, which is more durable than stone or earthenware, making it perfect for families with small children.

Buy it here.

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artisanal kitchen supply

Artisanal Kitchen Supply Coupe Marbleized 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

You’d never know that this sophisticated set is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s a unique modern design that is highly durable and will last for decades to come.

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What was once a tiny, mail-order business in the Swedish countryside is now a global brand that is practically synonymous with affordable home goods. You name it, IKEA has it at a competitive price and in interesting, innovative designs.

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ikea fargklar dish set

FÄRGKLAR 24-Piece Dinnerware Set

Choose from a matte glazed rustic surface or a glossy modern one. This clean design is simple, functional, and easy to coordinate with other colors, shapes, and materials—making it the perfect base for all settings.

Buy it here.

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ikea vardera dinnerware set

VÄRDERA 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

This set is made of ultra-durable feldspar porcelain, but should a kitchen disaster occur, you can replace each item individually—a rarity in the world of dinnerware sets!. it has a soft square shape that feels modern while also being a classic.

Buy it here.

Urban Outfitters

I cannot stop raving about Urban Outfitters’ home section. Once the domain of college students, UO Home has some seriously beautiful, high-end pieces. They sell everything from furniture to accessories and kitchen gadgets that won’t make your bank account scream. Do not sleep on this home shop, friends!

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urban outfitters glazed terracotta dinnerware set

Glazed Terracotta 16-Piece Dining Set

This boho-inspired set adds a touch of texture and dimension to your table. It is made of beautiful terracotta with rounded rims, for an unexpected hint of whimsy. Best of all, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe!

Buy it here.

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urban outfitters stone lava speckled dining set

How lovely is this dining set? It’s made of durable stoneware with a matte finish and speckled detailing for a modern, yet eclectic, flair. It is simple and still feels very special.

Buy it here.

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plaza 12-piece dinnerware set urban outfitters

Plaza 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

Keep things classic with this ceramic set of dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls. It features a shiny, glazed finish and ridged detailing that’s perfect for any occasion.

Buy it here.

Pottery Barn

Not just content to provide high-quality pieces that are designed to last, Pottery Barn is also committed to sustainability. They partner with organizations like Global Organic Textile Standard and The Renewal Workshop, as well as artisans to support local communities around the world.

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pottery barn mendocino stoneware dishes

Mendocino Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Made in Portugal, the rustic ceramic silhouettes are wholly unique and feature beautiful variations.  It’s a functional, beautiful, and timeless collection.

Buy it here.

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pottery barn quinn handcrafted stoneware set

Quinn Handcrafted Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

This is a fair trade certified set, with every purchase helping to ensure safe and fair labor practices that improve conditions and empower workers in local communities the world over. And isn’t it absolutely beautiful? It’s subtly glazed to let raw, exposed material peek through.

Buy it here.

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puebla stoneware set pottery barn

Puebla Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Made in Mexico City, each piece of this set is hand-painted and reflects the skill of the artisan. No two pieces are alike, and all are absolutely stunning.

Buy it here.

World Market

One of the great things about World Market is that they always have exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s home décor, accessories, food, furniture, and more. I love that their style ranges from simple, classic designs to eclectic, unexpected colors and aesthetics from all over the world.

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world market porcelain coupe set

Porcelain Coupe 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Looking for a crisp and clean aesthetic? This set is about to become your go-to for meals and special occasions alike. Its glossy white finish is elegantly simple and makes it perfect for mixing and matching with other brightly colored and patterned table items.

Buy it here.

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world market texture ceramic dinnerware

Textured Ceramic 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

You’ll feel like you’re at a chic French cafe every time you bust out this textured dinnerware set. It’s made of off-white stoneware in four patterns that include dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs.

Buy it here.


For better or worse, there’s no denying that shopping on Amazon is simply convenient. The abundance of reviews combined with fast shipping makes it a no-brainer for just about everything, including their vast collection of dinnerware sets.

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stone lain tina dinnerware set

Stone Lain Tina Stoneware Reactive Glaze 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Along with being as beautiful as they are practical, these high-quality and incredibly durable dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe. A reactive glaze is applied when each ceramic dish is fired, giving it a unique look.

Buy it here.

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gourmet basics caden dinnerware set amazon

Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Caden 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

The unique black and tan two-tone reactive colors with a glossy white center on these dishes make this a wholly contemporary set with a touch of boho chic. Totally unexpected and cool for Amazon.

Buy it here.


Sorting through Wayfair’s astonishingly large selections can feel overwhelming, but it’s always worth the effort. They source items from tons of distributors, so it’s important to read through reviews and ratings when scanning through their products. In this case, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found three wonderfully affordable dinnerware sets you’re sure to love.

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wayfair ebern designs dinnerware set

Esmehan 43-Piece Dinnerware Set

This collection was built to last. It has a chic minimalist style with clean lines and smooth surfaces. It features a whopping 43 pieces, so you’ll never run out no matter how big the party gets.

Buy it here.

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wayfair sango siterra artisanal blend dinnerware set

Sierra Artist’s Blend 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Don’t you love the sweet speckles adorning this lovely dinnerware set? And the price is not to be believed.

Buy it here.

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everly quinn dinnerware set

Teitelbaum 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Add a touch of elegance with a gold-rimmed ceramic set. It includes salad plates, dinner plates, bowls, and mugs. It’s minimal and adds a bit of sparkle for every occasion.

Buy it here.