5 Foundational Moves Anyone, Anywhere Can Do to Prevent Injury

Theses foundational moves are so important.

5 Foundational Moves Anyone, Anywhere Can Do to Prevent Injury

During this last year, movement has become more precious to me than ever before—and I know I'm not alone. Practicing yoga, going for a run, strength training, and so much more are fantastic for keeping our bodies and minds going strong. That said, with so much at-home fitness, we also want to make sure we're being mindful of our movement and taking measures to stave off injury.

According to fitness trainer Anthony Crouchelli, NCSF-CPT, no matter your level, it's essential to check in with your body and work through foundational movements—to help keep your body strong and promote fitness longevity. "We want to dial it back to the basics of squat, hinge, push, pull, and core," he explains. To hone in on each of these essential fitness patterns, Crouchelli has put together a 5-part sequence "to create a bodyweight circuit that you can incorporate in any space." 

Form tips: To help with curvature in the spine throughout this pattern, pinch your shoulder blades back.

2. Deadlift With Hands Behind Head

Form tips: As you are in this pattern, it's important to maintain a "flat back" and focus on your posture. A great way to think of the movement is closing a door, with your glutes as the hinge.

3. Bodyweight Renegade Row

Form tips: Try to avoid rotating your hips while in the high plank position, and focus on the eccentric movement as you bring the arm to the starting position.

Form tips: Make sure to tuck your naval into your spine to reduce the tension in your lumbar (lower back).

Form tips: Be sure to keep your lower back tucked into the floor, to alleviate lower back discomfort. Also, make sure your neck is in neutral alignment, to help avoid any impingement throughout the movement.