Manchester to get UK’s largest water park

Therme Manchester will have 25 pools and 35 water slides

Manchester to get UK’s largest water park

The UK’s biggest water park and spa complex is set to open in Manchester in 2023, next to the city’s Trafford Centre.

Worth £250m, Therme Manchester has been designed with a staggering 25 swimming pools and 35 water slides, plus 30 saunas and steam rooms - all surrounded by tropical palms and foliage and housed under futuristic-looking glass domes.

Described by designers Therme Group as an “urban oasis”, the complex will have beehives on the rooftop to encourage biodiversity, and use the honey from the hives in both spa treatments and restaurant dishes.

As well as places to lounge, swim and slide, the mega-spa will offer regular fitness classes such as aqua-aerobics, while saunas and steam rooms will be infused with different scents and materials.

Designs for Therme Manchester


Therme already has a wellness centre in Bucharest, Romania - though Manchester’s is set to be twice the size - and has plans for more indoor spa complexes in Wales, London and Scotland, as well as various locations in North America and Asia.

The creators say that the Manchester water park will accommodate up to 20,000 visitors per day, and have a dedicated tram link connecting it with the city centre.

At the moment, the biggest indoor water park in the UK is Blackpool’s Sandcastle Waterpark, which has 18 slides.

Richard Land, Chief Development Officer of Therme Group UK, said: “Therme Group is based on a belief that wellbeing should be accessible for all.

“The events of 2020 have shone a light on the necessity of this mission, especially for those in cities.

“Therme Manchester will redefine city wellbeing, enhancing mental and physical health through an experience based in water and nature.

“It will offer a unique holiday at home that acts as a catalyst for healthy lifestyles.”