Red Nose Day challenges families to find the evil Doomy McGloomy in digital games

Interactive campaign appeals for charitable donations.

Red Nose Day challenges families to find the evil Doomy McGloomy in digital games

Comic Relief is targeting families in lockdown with a series of at-home challenges for its Red Nose Day 2021 fundraising campaign.

The campaign, "Unleash The Laughter", is made up of five digital challenges that children and parents need to complete before collecting clues. Visitors are given the option of making a donation to Red Nose Day.

Through the games, which require imagination and teamwork, participants will hunt for evil supervillain Doomy McGloomy, who has run off with the nation's laughter. The challenges include "Escape the volcano", in which cushions should be used to make a path through imaginary lava, and "Limbo the lasers", which requires creating a laser obstacle course with toilet paper. The tasks are explained through short films and written online instructions.

The online campaign, created by Good, was launched during half term week, because traditional community fundraising audiences would no longer be effectively reached using traditional channels.

Andy Powell, creative director at Good, said: "Pivoting the strategy to digital enabled us to hunt down Doomy McGloomy around the world, providing much-needed silliness for families over the half-term holiday in a quest to protect the nation's laughter.

"We're delighted to share this rescue mission with the world while raising money for such an important charity as part of their Red Nose Day 2021 Campaign."

The films in the project were completed in partnership with Vince Productions led by director Jake Wynne.

The Comic Relief charity's Red Nose Day was launched in 1988 and that year generated £15m. The amount raised grew for each edition until 2011, when it reached £108m. Since then, the total has been in decline, falling to just £64m in 2019.

Actors Dame Judi Dench and Benedict Cumberbatch have been enlisted for the campaign's latest TV ad, “Funny is power”, created by Pablo. The spot, which went live alongside digital and out-of-home activity, discusses the nuances of human nature, ahead of BBC One's Red Nose Day Night on 19 March.