The Astrological "Day of Miracles" Falls On Thursday: Here's What To Expect

It coincides with the year's first full moon.

The Astrological "Day of Miracles" Falls On Thursday: Here's What To Expect
 1/22/21) The Astrological "Day of Miracles" Falls On Thursday: Here's What To Expect

January 23, 2021 — 13:16 PM

With the Sun beaming in collaborative Aquarius since last week, the spirit of progress and unity are in the air—but, The AstroTwins say, we can't make any assumptions. Here's your horoscope for the week ahead.

Group dynamics could hit a rough patch this Tuesday, January 26.

Just as everyone is reaching across the metaphoric aisle, a divisive force could blow in, courtesy of a chaos-inducing square from disruptive Uranus in Taurus. Cooperative negotiations could suddenly feel like a battle of wills—and no one's keen to back down. While it's important to assert a bottom line, guard against inflexibility. Rigid rules are actually the easiest to be broken, so you're not doing yourself any favors by "laying down the law."

Get yourself webcam ready for Thursday when 2021's first full moon does an Awards Show pose on Leo's glamorous red carpet.

Spotlight your achievements: What have you been working on over the past six months, since the corresponding Leo new moon last August 18, 2020? Even if the developments are "invisible," like a shift in beliefs or an inner transformation, share from the heart. You might even livestream yourself doing so, especially if your tales from the road could help other people. Under these magnanimous moonbeams, generosity is the order of the day.

And doubly so, since January 28 is also "The Day of Miracles," when the shining Sun and bountiful Jupiter meet up at the same degree of the zodiac. This year, they'll sing their dynamic duet in Aquarius, calling us to care for the collective and look out for each other.

Pluto and Venus are doing a sultry tango in Capricorn during this full moon too, which could amplify Leo's sultry purr to a Bridgerton-style, "I burn for you" roar!

On Saturday, January 30, messenger Mercury starts crossing wires when it pivots into its first retrograde of 2021.

Be sure to take care of any software upgrades, technology fixes and new gadget purchases earlier in the week. From Saturday until February 20, the buzzy planet will be creating power outages in the sign of Aquarius—definitely not the best news for Valentine's Day. (As if that holiday wasn't tested enough this year!)

So if you've got Cupid on your mind, think retro, nostalgic, remembering the good times you shared. Mercury retrogrades are times where dwelling on the past can actually be a good thing.

And in tech-savvy Aquarius, use the coming three weeks to curate your online profiles, delete old messages (inbox zero can happen!) or reconnect virtually with people who slipped out of your life. This is not a great time for buying new electronic equipment, but if you must, spring for the warranty. Old friends may reassemble into some sort of virtual supergroup now. Who are the people you miss the most? Start there.