The game-changing new trend in plant-based meat is made from.. oats?

Meatless Monday just got even easier. 

The game-changing new trend in plant-based meat is made from.. oats?

There’s a versatile new plant-based meat product which has swept across Europe and America - and has just arrived in Australia - and you won’t believe it when we tell you it’s made from oats.

Pulled Oats is a plant-based game-changer in that it has the taste and texture similar to that of pulled pork (In fact Taco Bell even added it to its menu in the UK).

Made in Finland, Pulled Oats is a revolutionary oat-based plant protein food that only has five ingredients: Nordic oats, faba bean, pea protein, oil and spices and with 30g of protein per 100g, has more protein than beef and chicken.

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If you’re up for giving them a go, they’re available now in Woolworths, why not recreate your own Taco bell treats at home?

Baja style pulled oats tacos



240 g of Pulled Oats® Nude 8 small tortillas 1½ tsp herb salt ½ tsp white pepper 1 tsp garlic powder Oil for frying 150 g red cabbage 3 limes 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 2 ripe avocados


100 ml thick yoghurt or creme fraiche ½ dl aioli A bunch of fresh coriander 2–3 cm fresh ginger


Chop the ginger and fry it with Pulled Oats® in a pan with oil. Add in the spices. Grate the red cabbage with a cheese slicer and season it with juice from one lime, salt and sugar. Let it sit for a while. Meanwhile slice the avocado and combine the yoghurt and aioli to make the sauce. Fill warm tortillas with Pulled Oats®, thinly sliced cabbage, sauce, avocado and chopped coriander.

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