Bonus Bulletin – 28 Feb

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Bonus Bulletin – 28 Feb

4 Public Talks in Vancouver!

Over the last two weeks, over 130 people registered for KMC Vancouver’s four public talks, given by Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Sanden.

Entitled "Buddhist Solutions for Life’s Challenges," the talks gave attendees an opportunity to learn about the power of patient acceptance, how to use discomfort to our advantage instead of being defeated by it, and to explore the origins of our hurt feelings.

Many people stayed behind after the talks to ask questions and enjoy refreshments. The book “How to Solve our Human Problems” flew off the shelves!

Like all cities around the world, Vancouver needs Dharma wisdom and a place of true refuge. These talks were a meaningful springboard for people to join KMC Vancouver’s upcoming series and events. They offer a chance to gain lasting solutions to life’s challenges and to engage in the most profound spiritual path.

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