Crystal Kung Minkoff Says Intruders Broke Into Her Home While She Was in Japan

Crystal made the revelation while on SiriusXM's 'Jeff Lewis Live.'

Crystal Kung Minkoff Says Intruders Broke Into Her Home While She Was in Japan


3:47 PM PDT, April 12, 2024

Crystal Kung Minkoff shared a scary ordeal that went down in her Beverly Hills home while she was away in Japan.

During an appearance on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live show, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that two weeks ago, while she was in Japan during spring break,  intruders broke into her house. She said one of her girlfriends even came face to face with the intruders.

Minkoff doesn't explicitly say if the intruders stole anything from the house, but they definitely made their way into the home.

"They tried to break in and my housesitters, my friends, had to deal with it face to face," she said. "They're OK."

All in all, four friends were at Minkoff's home. She inferred that by posting on social media that she was out of town that it may have signaled that the home was empty. Minkoff, who lives in a gated community, said her friends were there, but they forgot to arm the home properly. Minkoff shares two children -- son, Max and daughter Zoe -- with husband Rob Minkoff.

"But we're going heavy duty this week," she said. "And I actually have a lot more security that they weren't using. It's because they're guests. They're just like, you don't think it's going to happen, especially 'cause you're at home."

When asked how the intruders managed to get onto the property, Minkoff said she would not provide any details. She later confirmed that the intruders hopped over a fence or gate, and that it has since been addressed. As for her friend that came face to face with the intruders, Minkoff said she's "very lucky" that the intruders ran away, but her friend was shaken up.

"They were freaked out. I felt so bad," she added. "It just reminded me that we need to step it up even more."

And every option's on the table, from raising walls and fences to "everything ... all of it."

"I'm shocked," interjected Lewis, who said he's previously driven by her home. "I don't event know how they got in."