12 Email Acquisition Strategies that will Increase Your Business Growth

Any organization thinking that email as an ancient marketing tool isn’t aware that 59% of B2B businesses’ best revenue generation channel is email marketing. Well-structured emails combined with an appropriate market research are the cornerstone of a prosperous email...

12 Email Acquisition Strategies that will Increase Your Business Growth

Any organization thinking that email as an ancient marketing tool isn’t aware that 59% of B2B businesses’ best revenue generation channel is email marketing. Well-structured emails combined with an appropriate market research are the cornerstone of a prosperous email marketing campaign.

In the present-day heavily active digital marketing space, email acquisition strategy is all about engaging with clients who want to learn more about your offerings.

Our article focuses on 12 innovative and compelling email acquisition strategies to develop a strong email list—a list that is not all about quantity but also contains quality contacts. Using all the strategies that the article will take you through, your organization can master the art of attracting the correct subscribers. Sounds good? Excellent, let’s get into it!  

What is Email Acquisition?

The technique of developing your email list with clients who are honestly interested in what your venture’s offers is called email acquisition. Companies must start the process by acknowledging the core demographic. Then, attracting the appropriate audience to subscribe to email lists by putting forward meaningful benefits. Once you have gathered quantifiable subscribers, nurture them through legitimate email marketing campaigns.

The Significance of Email Acquisition

Before B2B companies start considering email acquisition strategies mentioned in the article. Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages of actively gathering appropriate email addresses.

Email marketing generates the excessive ROI compared to any other form of marketing.Contacting the appropriate target audience drives sales and conversion rates through relevant promotions and recommendations.Experience promising prospect loyalty and integrity, thereby increasing retention rates.Long-term relationships with valuable clients.

12 Email Acquisition Strategies for Businesses

Best B2B email acquisition strategies to differentiate yourself from your competitor.

1. Landing Pages

The job of the landing page is to make the visitor take action. Thereby it’s designed to explain the purpose of your product and service. This is a useful approach to, as businesses can create multiple landing pages for each and every product they offer. Allowing organizations to address a vast target audience.

Landing pages have multiple formats. To being with there are squeeze landing pages, long-format landing pages and click-through landing pages. Each landing is different from the other because of its distinctive feature, but all the forms help in collecting email ID. Go ahead, and make some attractive landing pages.

2. Pop-ups/ Sign-up Boxes

When websites have attention grabbing elements it helps in accumulating email IDs. For any website, the attention-grabbing elements are the signup and pop-up boxes. It entices the website visitors to stay in touch for future updates. What makes a sign-up box or a pop-up box enticing? Answer is simple. Keep it straightforward and simple, ask only for crucial information. If you want to in-depth information about your clientele, create a multi-step form.

3. Social Media

For all kinds of business, targeted prospects are available on social media. The only difference is that every target audience have has own preference of social media platforms. With the right research, organization can grow their list fruitfully with social media. As it opens the opportunity to connect with large number of prospects.

A lot is possible when social media is taken into consideration for email acquisition strategies. Organizations should be enthusiastic and join communities that aligns with their business niche. Host live Q/A sessions with industry leader, to keep your targeted prospects educated about the latest developments. Lastly organize contest, and promote rewards to encourage a large audience to participate.

4. Newsletter Subscription

Getting interested clients to sign up for your newsletter is an amazing way to grow a long list of responsive email addresses. Here are two tactics to boost your newsletter subscription plan.

Offers for client: Offer discounts or incentives for the clientele who have subscribed for your newsletter. The discount/incentive email can highlight the benefits of a newsletter.Personal touch: Curate the email with personalized human touch. Highlight the pain points of your prospects and provide specific solution for the same. Additionally, provide few notable achievements related to your organization within the newsletters. To ignite interest in your clients for your services.

5. Capitalize on Influencers

The performance-based factor makes it one of the dependable email acquisition tactics. Businesses don’t have to make any advanced payment; they only pay when they obtain results.

Influencer marketing has gained immense momentum. It has the potential of word-of-mouth marketing, as prospects believe your offerings when someone trustworthy recommends it. Take influencers’ assistance in crafting meaningful content for your clientele. Where influencers can ask your audience to sign up for your email list.

6. Advertisement

Paid advertisement can hype up the email acquisition strategies to a great extent. So, if your company wants to incorporate paid advertisement, decide on the platform (social media or search engine) you want to run your advertisement and the budget. Use it to drive traffic to your landing page or blog posts.  

The best part of adding a paid campaign to your email acquisition strategy is that it can be scaled easily. Additionally, it can be integrated with a conversion tool that can go on collecting legitimate email IDs. This makes it simpler for the clients as they can follow the ad pipeline, learn about the product, and eventually provide their email IDs.

So far, we have touched upon popular email acquisition strategies that are vastly in use across multiple industries. Now, we move on to learning about a few popular lead magnets techniques that will, that can greatly benefit an organization working on multiple factors that impact email acquisition.

Go ahead and learn about more ways that can help organizations get more reliable and reachable leads.

7. Incentivize

The B2B sales cycle is longer, so converting clients is more challenging. This is primarily because too many departments and several decision-makers are involved in the process. Nurturing longer is the only incentive needed for an extended sales process. It creates a stronger bond with the client and showcases brand loyalty.

Given a scenario where you want to incentivize your product and services, it is best to offer the same level of incentive to all your clients, not taking into consideration any segmentation between clients, contract type, or order volume. For instance, when a client invests in X provision, they get a 10% discount.

8. Valuable Resources

Your targeted clientele will always be benefit to a great extent when they have access to valuable resources. It will help them educate themselves about the products and services you provide. The valuable resources your organization can suggest are guides, research, templates, case studies and eBook. Go ahead and pull through adequate research about topics that will be of interest to targeted demographics. When you publish work supplemented with facts and right information will impress your prospects to stay in touch with you for a longer period.

9. Opt-ins

As mentioned earlier, knowledge is critical for successful email acquisition. Your prospects land on your websites to learn as much as possible about your products. In that sense, opt-in copies are a great way to address what your organization is all about and gather an email ID in return.

Here are a few tip about how you can develop an impressive opt-in copy.

Understanding your offerings: Everything you put up on your website should be easy-to-understand – Organization’s aim is create messages clear as glass.

Human touch: To create something simple, all forms of write-up should sound more human. Therefore limited artificial intelligence utilization is recommended.

Be Specific: Even though the aim is simple and understandable content, together, everything should strike a chord that you are different from your competitors. For example data solution provide write catch-phrases to highlight their benefits, “Achieve 95% deliverability rate for email campaigns with our double opt-in contacts.”

Evoke emotions: Simplicity shouldn’t make your content sound dull. The content should be straightforward, yet emotionally connected with prospects. Sighting out a few examples of CTA’s that make the prospects hit the button. “See How”, “Learn More”, and “Get Your Free

10. Offer Bonus Analysis and Tools

Every organization, irrespective of the company size, needs to analyze its work progress. That’s why you can offer services to your clientele about much needed surveys and analyses. Or it can be a service where clients can pull out the report themselves. In today’s time these forms of business solutions have gained quite a reputation. Once they show interest in your service, you have a golden opportunity to ask for the email addresses.

11. Online Events and Webinars

Online events and webinars are an impactful way to grow your email list. As brings in prospects interested in your services. If you plan to organize these online events, focus on choosing a subject matter that is educational and interesting for your prospects.

Factors organization’s need to focus on for impactful online events and webinars:

Promote your eventEngage during eventFollow-up post-eventUse the event to segment your listOffer exclusive benefitsDevelop engaging topic

12. Partnership and Cross Promotions

Partnerships revolves around mutual benefits. Therefore, collaborating with successful complementary ventures brings new yet similar, targeted clients. It creates an occasion for your business to promote their provisions to a broader audience who still haven’t discovered your brand. When collaboration/Partnerships is done right, businesses are exposed to a wider audience, and the perceived value of your brand increases.

The right way to collaborate is to find a business with whose values and clientele interests align with your venture. Doing so will give a boost to your organization’s email acquisition strategy.

So these were the 12 most impactful email acquisition strategies.


The return on investment for email marketing is huge; therefore, company should work on reliable email marketing strategies. If you don’t have a reliable email acquisition strategy, it’s time to explore some of the strategies mentioned above. As it will help you drive sales and grow your website traffic. However these are strategies, when implemented properly, prospects will be acquired. These prospects have to be further nurtured through a well-curated email campaign. In the end, the list will guide you through creating an email marketing strategy to improve client retention further.