2022 Will Be The Most Loving Year In A Decade, Numerology Predicts

Welcome to the year of love and responsibility.

2022 Will Be The Most Loving Year In A Decade, Numerology Predicts
2022 Will Be The Most Loving Year In A Decade, Numerology Predicts

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January 1, 2022 — 11:02 AM

Each year of the numerology cycle builds off the last. In 2020, we had our Universal Year 4 of reassessing and restructuring our foundations. Then 2021, a Universal Year 5, taught us to remain flexible and adaptable as we redefine what freedom means to us. Now, we are embarking on a new chapter in our collective journey: The Universal Year 6, a year of relationships, responsibilities, and deep healing. 

An overview of the 6 Universal Year.

In numerology, the Personal Year 6 (yes, there is a personal year as well as a Universal Year—more on that later) is known as the ‘marriage or divorce’ year. This is because 6 is the vibration of relationships and love. This is a major love year for us as individuals, but what does it mean for the collective? Could it be that we'll finally all be able to come together to experience love and harmony like never before? Maybe…

With each year there is a light and a shadow side, representing the highest vibration and the lowest vibration of that number we can experience. On the light side of a 6 Year is the ability to tap into higher ideals of love, strengthen relationships, and heal some deep wounds. But on its shadow side, the 6 Year can bring about a lot of shame, difficult emotions, and pressure to carry out responsibilities we didn't realize we had. 

1. Balance work and home life.

The 6 offers extremes in love and healing, and seeking balance in your life is the key to not falling too far into its shadow. In numerology, 6 energy is nurturing and it seeks to build a stable home alongside a successful career path. This year might be filled with surprising and exciting career opportunities, but it will also be a time to put roots down.

This is the moment to define what ‘home’ means to you—literally and figuratively. Where do you feel most at home in this world? Is it in the arms of another person, surrounded by family, or in a specific location that makes you feel safe?

2. Expect new responsibilities.

Relationships will take center stage this year. This could lead to a sense of duty towards loved ones that you may not have felt before.

On a collective level, this year may leave us feeling more connected, and less like individuals. Again, responsibilities—your personal responsibilities and our collective responsibilities as humans coexisting on this planet—will feature prominently. You may think you know what those responsibilities are at the beginning of the year, but I assure you that they will change and shift by year's end. 

I predict that we're all in for some deep healing this year. And as it always is with healing, things could get worse before they get better. My advice is to lead with love, not fear. Make love your motivation as much as possible and lead with the heart. Yes, that may sound like a corny Hallmark movie tagline, but this is the year of love, after all.

4. Consider your personal year number.

In addition to considering the universal energy of the 6 Year, it's important to look into what your personal year—which you can calculate using your birthday—has in store. Be sure to integrate that number, its lessons, and its shadow, into your planning as well. (My 2022 numerology planner makes it easy!)

As Buddha once said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." This is the time to let go of our differences, forgive the past, and start to accept each other. Where has anger and division gotten the best of us? How can we let go of the emotions that are not serving us so that we can actually bring about lasting change? As we head into a 6 Year of love and compassion, we just might find out.

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