Cara Delevingne Sparks Backlash With Topless Pic as She Shows Off New Apparently Misspelled Tattoo

The model-actress offers some clarity in the comments section of her Instagram.

Cara Delevingne Sparks Backlash With Topless Pic as She Shows Off New Apparently Misspelled Tattoo


6:18 AM PDT, September 29, 2023

Cara Delevingne is causing quite a stir with her new tattoo. The 31-year-old model posed topless for a picture of her latest ink, which may or may not include a misspelling. 

In the photo, posted by tattoo artist Matteo Nangeroni, Delevingne glances over her shoulder while cupping her breast in her hand. Strictly speaking, the Only Murders in the Building actress didn't need to be nude for the artwork to be visible, as it's placed on the outside of her arm.

Responding to a firestorm of critiques about the sultry shot, Delevingne explained her choice in the comments. 

"Just to be clear to everyone! I chose to take my bra off, the picture didn’t look good with my bra on," she wrote. "I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to photography and I was trying to help make something beautiful. Everyone calm down please. Thank you x"

Cara Delevingne / Instagram

As for the tattoo itself, Delevingne had the Italian word "Dormiveglia" and its English definition inscribed just above her elbow -- but with a twist. While the word is widely translated as "half-asleep," Delevingne's definition appears to read: "the place that stretches between sleeping and walking." 

Many fans took to the comments to note that the word "waking" should have been used, but Nangeroni was quick to clarify that the use of the word "walking" was "maybe" intentional. 

"Maybe we choose like that?" he responded to one comment. 

Delevingne's ink comes one year after she began her sobriety journey. Back in March, she shared details about her decision to check into rehab and commit to a 12-step program late last year. 

"From September, I just needed support. I needed to start reaching out. And my old friends I’ve known since I was 13, they all came over and we started crying," she said in an interview with Vogue. "They looked at me and said, ‘You deserve a chance to have joy.'"

"This process obviously has its ups and downs, but I’ve started realizing so much," she told the magazine. "People want my story to be this after-school special where I just say, ‘Oh look, I was an addict, and now I’m sober and that’s it.’ And it’s not as simple as that. It doesn’t happen overnight."

In February, she opened up to ET about her experience with self-love.

"I'm a lot more gentle with myself and nice to myself," she shared. "Something's changed this year for sure."