I found a 17-inch HP laptop on sale for $270 for Black Friday

The HP Laptop 17z, an affordable but dependable machine that will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks, is on sale for $270 in HP's Black Friday deals.

I found a 17-inch HP laptop on sale for $270 for Black Friday

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HP laptop Black Friday deals never disappoint, because every year, there are amazing offers like this $230 discount for the HP Laptop 17z that nearly halves the device’s price to $270 from $500. If you’re planning to buy a new laptop for work or school, you shouldn’t miss this bargain. The machine won’t stay this affordable for very long though, as there’s probably a lot of shoppers buying it right now, so proceed with the purchase immediately while stocks are still available.

Why you should buy the HP Laptop 17z

If you want to play the best PC games at their highest settings, or if you need to accomplish very demanding tasks such as video editing, the HP Laptop 17z isn’t the device for you. However, if you need a laptop for day-to-day tasks for work or school, such as doing online research and building reports, then it will be more than enough with its AMD Athlon Gold 7220U processor, AMD Radeon Graphics, and 8GB of RAM. The HP Laptop 17z ships with Windows 11 Home, a familiar operating system for most people, pre-installed in a 128GB SSD.

The standout feature of the HP Laptop 17z is its 17.3-inch display with HD+ resolution. You won’t always see a laptop with such a large screen for this cheap — it will make sure that you have a good look at the projects that you’ll be working on, and it’s great for watching streaming shows. You’ll also enjoy a wide view of video calls and online meetings, which are possible through the HP Laptop 17z’s HP True Vision 720p HD camera and integrated dual-array digital microphones.

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The HP Laptop 17z is down to a very cheap price of $270 for this year’s Black Friday laptop deals from HP, for savings of $230 on its sticker price of $500. If you think the device will meet your needs and it lines up with your budget, then you shouldn’t be hesitating with your purchase because it’s unclear how long stocks will last. It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute of Black Friday deals, so add the HP Laptop 17z to your cart and check out as soon as you can.

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