I’m Sorry, But The Benefits & Results Make This $600 Facial Tool Worth It

Results in just 9 minutes.

I’m Sorry, But The Benefits & Results Make This $600 Facial Tool Worth It
Carleigh Ferrante


September 29, 2023

Carleigh Ferrante

theraface mask review

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

September 29, 2023

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I got hooked on the TheraFace PRO about 9 months ago—and my skin has never looked better. It’s brighter and plumper, with a visible reduction in fine lines and redness. 

My one qualm, though, is the device is fairly hands-on (you know, being a handheld tool and all). So when Therabody launched the hands-free TheraFace Mask to promote younger-looking skin, testing it was pretty much a no-brainer. 

After all, what’s better than improving your skin’s longevity while you go about your day-to-day?

I’ve been using the LED technology TheraFace Mask for four weeks to find out if it’s worth it—and I've discovered what just what makes this $600 makes worth the splurge.

TheraFace Mask quick facts:

Light colors:

red lightred + infrared lightblue light

Recommended usage:

9 minutes per day


Removable eye shieldsDisplay standAdapter (UBS-A+C to USB-C)

Battery life:

LED mode: 120 minutesVibration mode: 60 minutes


- Hands-free, cordless design is great for multitasking

- Comfortable, secure fit even while you move

- Removable eye shield allows you to use it with your eyes open

- Customizable settings

- Red, blue, and infrared light

- Extremely relaxing (especially the guided breathing!)

- Immediate and long term results


- Not the easiest to store since it doesn't fold

- Straps can be a bit difficult to adjust on smaller heads

- Unclear when battery is dying

The benefits of LED light for your skin

Experts say the specific wavelengths used in LED technology work to stimulate collagen production and yield younger-looking skin.

Master esthetician Sarah Akram previously told mindbodygreen, "A brighter and more radiant complexion is achieved after just one [red light therapy] session. But completing multiple sessions will yield greater results over time.”

Research has shown promising results, too. In one study, participants who received red light therapy on their face twice per week for 30 total sessions saw improved skin complexion1, skin tone, skin smoothness, and collagen density.

theraface mask review

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

What is the TheraFace mask?

Off the bat I could tell it had more bulbs than I was used to. 

Where others I’ve tested range from 66 to 238, the TheraFace Mask has a whopping 648 medical-grade LED lights (which, of course, is where all the magic comes from). 

By circulating red, blue, and infrared light through these LED bulbs, the mask is meant to even skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and boost the skin’s elasticity. 

It’s evident just from looking at the mask that the bulbs cover a wide surface area, which helps yield results across the entire face.

As I hoped, the mask also utilizes the brand’s signature percussive technology. The 17 soothing vibration motors around the eyes and the back of the head promote relaxation, ease tension, and boost circulation.

How to use the TheraFace Mask

The TheraFace Mask is best used on clean, dry skin, so I always wash my face before wearing it.

To get started, you simply place the device on your face and adjust the Velcro straps until it feels secure. 

The mask has a button on each side; the left controls LED and the right adjusts vibration. 

One long press on the LED button turns on the preset 9-minute LED and vibration routine.

The default routine cycles through three minutes each of red light, red + infrared, and blue light—each with its own vibration pattern.

Alternatively, you can use those same buttons to toggle through the various LED light settings and vibration patterns (respectively) to create your own custom treatment.

theraface mask review

TheraFace Mask control button

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

TheraFace Mask customizable settings

LED light settings

Blue light: Fights acne-causing bacteria to minimize and prevent breakoutsRed light: Stimulates collagen production and promotes younger looking skinRed light + infrared technology: Targets fine lines and wrinkles, boosts circulation, and promotes a more even skin tone
theraface mask review

TheraFace Mask LED settings (red + infrared, blue light, red light)

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

Vibration patterns

Continuous: Continuous vibration to promote relaxation, ease tension, and boost circulationBreathing: Guided breathing exercise for increased relaxationWave: Sequential patterns to release tension across the face and head

How I tested the TheraFace Mask

Since I was already using the TheraFace PRO nearly every day, it was easy to swap it out to test the new TheraFace Mask. In other words: The handsfree mask added no time to my skin care routine whatsoever.

It’s the first truly wireless LED mask I’ve tried, which really ups the convenience factor. Instead of fussing with chords or repositioning myself to sit near an outlet, I was able to quite literally unplug while I tested the TheraFace Mask.

I carved out nine minutes per day, Monday through Friday, for four weeks. 

One major perk is the mask has removable protective eye shields, made from medical-grade silicone. So if I did use it during the morning or afternoon I could just go about my day-to-day, without worrying about my eyes being too close to the light.

Still, most often I put the mask on in bed as a part of my nightly wind down—this has scared my boyfriend quite a few times, given the alien-like appearance.

theraface mask review

How the TheraFace Mask compares to other LED masks

While the brand’s signature vibration therapy and the chord-free design were the first glaring differentiators, this mask sets itself apart in a number of ways.

Many led light therapy masks I’ve tested are silicone and sit directly on the face, but this device is like a heavy duty shield of armor. It’s not heavy in weight, but feels incredibly durable. 

This, plus the eye shields and Velcro head straps, helps the mask sit securely at a comfortable distance from the face. I view this as a plus for a number of reasons. 

First, it feels more sanitary than those that sit directly on the skin; and second, I don’t love the idea of the bulbs literally touching my face (even though I’ve found no indicated risks associated with it).  

I also love the ability to cycle between red, blue, and red + infrared light; I’ve tested LED masks that use red and blue light, red and infrared light, or just red light on its own—but this is the first mask I’ve tested that uses all three. Each light frequency has specific benefits, so I like that I can rotate through all three using one device.

theraface mask review

TheraFace Mask adjustable strap

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

My results from the TheraFace mask

Turns out, nine minutes a day can make a big difference. 

First off, the massage nodes are located in all the right places for instant relaxation. I honestly hadn’t even realized the tension my face held at the end of the day before I experienced this level of relief.

In the mornings after I use the mask, I swear I look more rested. My perpetually tired-looking eyes are revitalized, and my face appears more relaxed overall.

Not only that, any time I’d feel the hint of a breakout coming up, the mask seemed to prevent anything from truly forming. Oh, and my typical redness has stayed at bay.

My skin is visibly brighter than it was four weeks ago, but I know true results come with regular, consistent use.

In a 12-week clinical study performed by the brand, participants who used the nine minute treatment six days a week saw a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines, as well as a more even skin tone and a more luminous complexion. 

Needless to say, I have a lot to look forward to—and the initial results are enough to keep me reaching for the mask each day.

theraface mask review

Image by Carleigh Ferrante / mbg creative

What our beauty editor says

Mindbodygreen beauty editor, Jamie Schneider, has also been using the TheraFace Mask—and she's equally impressed by the device.

"I’m admittedly very impatient when it comes to at-home beauty treatments. Be it a hair mask, peel, or skin care tool, if I have to sit for 20 minutes, I likely won’t commit to it," she says. "I was immediately drawn to this 9-minute LED treatment, which cycles through each color (red, blue, and infrared light) for a mere 3 minutes each."

Schneider holds a lot of tension in her forehead and scalp, so she's particularly excited about the vibration therapy. "I can literally feel my facial muscles relax while I use the mask," she raves.

A bonus? "Stimulating the scalp increases circulation in the hair follicles, so it’s great for hair growth, too," Schneider adds.

While testing the TheraFace Mask, she first applies a hair growth serum, followed by her typical skin care routine, and ends with her "9 minutes of pampering."

theraface mask review

The takeaway

If you’ve been considering a light therapy tool, this is the one I’d suggest. While $600 may be a tough price to swallow, the TheraFace Mask is definitely going to save me money on professional facials. I’m loving my bright, glowing complexion—and I can’t complain about the relaxation that ensues every time I strap on the futuristic device (in fact I crave it).