Jessie James Decker Reveals Husband Eric Had Vasectomy Appointments Before Surprise Pregnancy (Exclusive)

The singer and writer opens up to ET about her surprise pregnancy and why it almost didn't happen.

Jessie James Decker Reveals Husband Eric Had Vasectomy Appointments Before Surprise Pregnancy (Exclusive)


7:24 AM PDT, September 28, 2023

Jessie James Decker is opening up about her new music, upcoming cookbook, Just Eat, and the unexpected surprise of her fourth pregnancy. Decker, known for her candor and warm personality, shared the exciting news about her expanding family and the twists and turns that led to it.

ET's Cassie DiLaura visited Decker in her beautiful home in Nashville, Tennessee, where the interview began with admiration for Decker's stunning kitchen. The conversation quickly turned to the surprise pregnancy and Decker's emotions surrounding it.

Decker expressed her initial shock and joy, mentioning how it took some time for her to process that she was having another child. She admitted that the pregnancy was unplanned but emphasized how excited and overjoyed she and her husband, Eric Decker, were about the new addition to their family. The couple are already parents to Vivienne, 9, Eric "Bubby," 7, and Forrest, 5. 

"Honestly it took a while for the surprise to wear off. It was a good surprise but it took a while to wear off because just every day I'd be like, ‘Oh my god, I can't believe we're pregnant again.,'" the 35-year-old singer shared. "We weren't planning on having a fourth, but I'm just over the moon. I'm so excited, it is at the forefront of my mind every day. I think about this baby daily and I mean all day long. I'm feeling the baby move now."

The pregnancy news didn't stay under wraps for long. Decker revealed that while visiting Eric's small hometown in Minnesota, her growing baby bump caught the attention of locals, leading to an influx of messages and comments. 

"I was starting to get messages because we had gone to Minnesota to Eric's hometown to see family and I was in a swimsuit and it was quite obvious,” said Decker. "He has a very small town and so there were like DM's from people saying I heard from someone in Minnesota and all of a sudden I'm like, 'This is crazy that I'm getting all these messages.'"

Ultimately, Decker decided to make the announcement while in Los Angeles, as she was preparing for a photo shoot.

Decker also recounted to ET how Eric initially didn't believe her pregnancy test results. He suspected it might be a prank played by his wife and her sister, Sydney Rae James, who was also pregnant at the time. To confirm her pregnancy, she had to take the test again in front of her husband.

"He didn't believe me. So my sister was still pregnant at the time and he thought that she had peed on the stick and we were playing a joke on him and that would be like me. I'm such a prankster but I'd never joke about something like," said Decker.

The soon-to-be mom of four shared her intuitive feeling that their family was meant to have another child, recalling how she often had moments of panic, thinking they were missing someone when they were with their three children.

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Surprisingly, Decker mentioned that Eric had previously booked multiple appointments for a vasectomy but had canceled them. While jokingly considering future appointments, she assured that this pregnancy would be their last.

"I will say, he'd had multiple appointments booked to get a vasectomy to finish it off and he'd canceled it. We just kept not doing it but I'm very, very intuitive," said Decker.  "I have these dreams and I've just always kind of been like that. I've throughout these years, when we're with the kids and we're all like holding hands, we're walking somewhere, I'd always be like we're missing one."

Decker also spoke about her children's excitement regarding the new addition to the family. She mentioned that they were actively involved in planning for the new baby, including discussions about the baby's room and what needed to be ordered.

When asked about baby names, Decker revealed that she already had a name picked out, as she had done for all her children before their births.

"I got everything picked out," Decker shared. "Oh, I'm always ready. I knew all of my baby's names before they were born."

As for her husband, Decker told ET that he's been super supportive throughout her pregnancy, from rubbing her head, neck, and feet to indulging her in watching her favorite Netflix series.

"He's so good. He's so loving and he's always amazing. He's been rubbing all over me -- head, neck, feet. Watching all the killer Netflix series I want to watch, all the murder shows. He's being really sweet to me."

Amid all this family planning, Decker has a new song coming out called "I'm Gonna Love You." She described the track as a reflection of her growth and gratitude as a woman and mother, highlighting how her perspective has evolved since she first became a mom at 24. Decker said her husband has declared the song his favorite among all her music.

"I got pregnant with Vivi at 24, I'm 35 now. So what you've learned from just early on as a young mother, and I think that's young today versus now. I've learned so much more and I'm even more grateful and appreciative of this whole journey," Decker said.

Decker also discussed with ET her upcoming cookbook, Just Eat, which comes out on Oct. 10. She shared her joy in knowing that her recipes bring families together and expressed her desire to make cooking easier for others, emphasizing that she isn't a professional chef but rather a mom who loves sharing her family's favorite recipes.

"It makes me so happy that many people wanted to buy my book," she said. "That's what makes me happy and it's not even about the ego part of it. For me, I get so happy when I see people tag me in stories that they made something for their family that they're enjoying that brought them together. That just warms my heart."