Lynda Carter Opens Up About Her Husband’s Death 3 Years Later: ‘I Think About Him Every Day’

The ‘Wonder Woman’ alum dedicated a new song to her late husband, who died of blood cancer in 2021. 

Lynda Carter Opens Up About Her Husband’s Death 3 Years Later: ‘I Think About Him Every Day’

Lynda Carter and Robert Altman

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Lynda Carter, 22, arrives at Binghamton, N.Y. for the Miss World USA Contest on Sept. 19, 1973.  She was the winner in 1972.  (AP Photo/Leo Fahey)

Actress Lynda Carter poses with her husband, Hollywood producer and manager Ron Samuels, following their wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills, Ca., May 28, 1977.  (AP Photo)

Image Credit: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter turned her grief into a song in honor of her late husband. The 72-year-old actress and singer recently opened up about losing the love of her life, Robert Altman, in 2021 from blood cancer. 

“He was the great love of my life,” Lynda told PEOPLE in an interview that was published on Wednesday, February 28. “I think of him every day. There’s so much of my day to day where I find myself thinking, ‘Oh Robert will know.’ Or if I’m on a flight, I still expect him to text to ask, “Did you land safely? Was everything alright?’” 

Robert was a lawyer and a video game executive. The pair got married in 1984 and shared their two children, Jessica and James Altman. 

“My life was an adventure with him,” the former Miss USA recalled about her and Robert’s marriage. “We were always traveling and doing fun things, and then when you’re alone, you have to do everything alone. And that’s no fun. Of course, I’ve got some very good girlfriends. And the children are wonderful. They also had a wonderful relationship with him, and we talk about him all the time.”

Robert Altman and Lynda CarterANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Lynda also described Robert as a “very calm, great, kind of an even-keeled person,” noting that they did “fun things and laughed and laughed” a lot while they were together.  

The singer-songwriter penned a powerful new song called “Letters From Earth,” which she acknowledged surprised some fans because they mainly knew her from the 1970s Wonder Woman series. 

“I’ve been singing for over 50 years,” Lynda pointed out. “I started singing in clubs when I was 14, and was writing music before I became an actor. … The soul of the song is about how you miss a person so much because they’re such a presence in your life that it’s almost impossible to imagine that you won’t physically see them again in this life. You wonder, ‘How can I communicate with you? Where are you? You didn’t just die — there’s too much of you left on this earth, too many people that love you.’”

Lynda also described the song as a “prayer to your loved one” and hopes that listeners “will relate to it.” 

“It’s a celebration of love, as much as it is heartbreaking,” she concluded. The Hawkeye alum also pointed out that while Robert’s memory “keeps” their “love alive,” she admitted that “it’s still a mystery when you look up to the sky and wonder, ‘Where did you go?'”