Matter products are coming — here’s everything that’s been announced

The VergeAll the Matter-compatible devices you can buy now, plus what’s coming soon to the new Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung-backed smart home standard. Continue reading…

Matter products are coming — here’s everything that’s been announced

The new Matter smart home standard is finally ramping up, with a number of compatible products available now and many slated to be released in the next few months. We’re keeping tabs on what will work with Matter, the new common language for smart home devices designed to simplify the smart home and make it easier to buy, set up, and use products.

Matter should also help connected gadgets work with each other across platforms and ecosystems, so you won’t have to pick between Amazon Alexa, Apple, and Google when adding smart devices to your home. With Matter, you will be able to control your smart lighting, smart locks, and more simultaneously with any Matter-compatible platform using iOS or Android devices. So, if you have an iPhone and your roommate has a Google Pixel, you can both control all of your smart home devices.

For more details on how Matter will work with each smart home platform, what you will need to get started with Matter, and how Matter actually works, read my explainer, “What Matters about Matter.”

Here, you’ll find a list of Matter-compatible products divided into categories and separated by whether you can buy them now or if they are coming soon. We’ll keep this updated as new information comes out.

Device types that work with Matter in 2023

The Matter standard provides a common language and a set of supported actions for smart home devices. Right now, it only supports a few categories of devices, and only certain features are available for each of those categories — although, depending on which platform you run them on, you may have access to more features on top of the Matter integration.

As of January 2023, the following device categories are supported in Matter: light bulbs and light switches; plugs and outlets; locks; thermostats and other HVAC controllers; blinds and shades; sensors (motion, contact); televisions and streaming video players; wireless access points; and bridges (more on this later).

Home appliances (such as fridges and washing machines) and robot vacuums should be included in a spring 2023 Matter update. Home security cameras, garage door controller sensors, indoor air quality monitors and air purifiers, and smoke and CO detectors are next on the roadmap, according to the CSA, which runs the Matter standard. Also in the works are energy management features and support for ambient motion and presence sensing.

A trio of blue, orange, and yellow Apple HomePod Mini speakers, sitting together on a table.

The HomePod Mini is both a Matter controller and a Thread border router.

Photo by Jennifer Tuohy / The Verge

Matter controllers, Thread border routers, bridges, and Wi-Fi routers

A Matter controller onboards Matter devices to your home network, controls them, manages communications and automations, and facilitates remote access (when enabled). A Matter controller needs to be a device that is always in your home, always powered, and has a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to your home network.

You’ll need a Matter controller for each smart home platform you plan to use in your home, and every major smart home platform has updated many of its existing smart home controllers with Matter support. Some controllers are also Thread border routers, which you will need if you add any Thread devices to your home. Thread is one of the main wireless protocols Matter can run over.

Matter controllers with Thread border routers

Apple Home

Google Home

Samsung SmartThings

Upcoming Matter controllers with Thread border routers

Apple Home

Samsung SmartThings

Other platforms

Matter controllers without Thread

Apple Home

Apple HomePod (first-gen)Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi (2022 version)

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo smart speaker, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot with Clock (third-gen and newer)Echo StudioEcho Show 5 and Echo Show 8 (second-gen and newer)Echo Show 10 (third-gen)Echo Input, Flex, and Plus (v2)

Google Home

Google Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Nest Hub (first-gen)Google Home (original smart speaker)Google Home Mini

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings Hub v2

Other platforms

New Matter controllers coming in 2023

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung Family Hub fridge 2022 models (update coming March 2023)Samsung Smart Monitors 2022 models (update coming March 2023)Samsung smart TVs 2022 models (update coming March 2023)

Other platforms

Matter-enabled smart home apps

To add Matter devices to a smart home ecosystem, you’ll need to use that platform’s smartphone or tablet app. The following smart home apps work with Matter. You can use them to add and control devices as well as set up automations and routines. Matter is also built into the latest versions of Android and Apple’s operating systems, enabling apps to access the local infrastructure required by Matter.

Apple Home app on devices running iOS 16.1 or newerSamsung SmartThings app (Android / iOS)Google Home app (Android / iOS)Amazon Alexa app (Android)Eve app (iOS)

Matter updates coming to smart home apps

Amazon Alexa app (coming to iOS in spring 2023)Aqara app (coming Q1 2023)Eve app (coming to Android in spring 2023)TP-Link Tapo app (coming 2023)Tuya Smart Life app (coming Q1 2023)* Wiser app (coming Q1 2023)

*Tuya Smart is an IoT development platform service provider that supports over 446,000 developers with schematics for over 1,100 smart home products, from robot vacuums to smart lights. It already has Matter certification for a number of light bulbs and smart plugs as well as a Matter controller. Brands that use Tuya include Teckin, Gosund, Nooie, Lidl, and Iotty.

Philips Hue Bridge device shown wall-mounted above a table, near a lamp.

The Philips Hue Bridge will bring Matter to existing Hue devices, though the devices themselves will not be updated.

Image: Philips Hue

Bridges that will support Matter

Smart home devices that use a bridge, such as Philips Hue smart bulbs, can be “bridged” into Matter so that their connected devices can be controlled in a Matter smart home platform.

As of January 2023, only Apple Home supports Matter bridges. Google, Amazon, and SmartThings confirmed to The Verge this week that bridge support isn’t live yet on their controllers but that they do plan to enable it. So, even if you have a bridge that’s been updated to Matter, the devices connected to it won’t work in Matter until the platform you are using supports bridges. Currently, however, there are no bridges that support Matter without using beta software.

Philips Hue Bridge — all connected Hue lighting products except Hue sync box and Tap Dial switch) will bridge into Matter (OTA update early 2023)Aqara hubs will bridge over 40 existing Aqara devices into MatterAqara Hub M1S / M1S Gen 2 (OTA update 2023)Aqara Hub M2 (OTA update slated for January 2023)Aqara Hub M3 (new hub, coming 2023)Aqara Hub E1 (OTA update 2023)Aqara Camera Hub G3 (OTA update 2023)Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro (OTA update 2023)Bosch Smart Home Controller (2023)Ikea Dirigera hub (OTA update 2023)Schneider Electric Wiser Gateway — will bridge over 200 existing Wiser Zigbee devices (OTA update 2023)SwitchBot Hub 2 (coming March 2023)

White Google Nest Wifi Pro router on a white table in front of a window.

The Google Nest Wifi Pro works with Matter and Thread.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Wi-Fi routers that will support Thread and Matter

If you have a Matter and Thread-enabled Wi-Fi router, you wouldn’t need any other Matter controller in your home. Amazon (which owns Eero) has said Matter-over-Thread capability will be turned on in its compatible Eero devices this spring. Google routers are already Thread-enabled and work with Matter.

Smart plugs and sensors — such as these Eve devices — are some of the first devices that work with Matter.

Smart plugs and sensors — such as these Eve devices — are some of the first devices that work with Matter.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Smart devices that will work with Matter

Most companies that have announced Matter devices say they will start shipping in early 2023. New products that are compatible with Matter should have the Matter logo on them (it looks a bit like a stick person wearing bikini bottoms). Many manufacturers are adding Matter support to existing devices with over-the-air firmware updates. Below are the products that either currently support Matter or will in the future, according to the companies.

Smart lights

As of January 25th, 2023, there are no smart light bulbs with Matter support enabled. These are the products with updates to Matter scheduled:

Matter updates coming in 2023

Nanoleaf Elements (also a Thread border router) (OTA update 2023)Nanoleaf Lines (also a Thread border router) (OTA update 2023)Nanoleaf Shapes (also a Thread border router) (OTA update 2023)Nanoleaf Canvas (also a Thread border router) (OTA update 2023) Twinkly’s smart lighting line (OTA update in 2023, Matter support coming to new products)All Wiz lighting products manufactured since Q2 2021 (OTA update 2023)Connected by Wiz products (i.e., Philips Smart lighting) (OTA update 2023)Yeelight Pro smart lighting series (OTA update by Q2)

New Matter lights coming 2023

Aqara T1 LED light strip (2023)Cync A19 smart bulb (2023)Cync light strip (2023)Eve Flare lamp (Thread, 2023)Govee LED Strip Light M1 (2023)Nanoleaf Matter Essentials A19 light bulb (coming 2023 / Thread)Nanoleaf Matter Essentials GU10 light bulb (coming 2023 / Thread)Nanoleaf Matter Essentials Light Strip (coming 2023 / Thread)Nanoleaf Skylight panels (coming 2023 / also a Thread border router) Schneider Electric smart plug Sengled Wi-Fi A19 bulb (Q1)TP-Link Kasa and Tapo smart bulbs (2023)Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp (2023)

Smart switches

As of January 25th, 2023, there are no smart switches with Matter support enabled.

Matter updates coming in 2023

Eve Light Switch (Thread)Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi 600W Dimmer (OTA update early 2023)Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi 15A Switch (OTA update early 2023)All Leviton Decora smart Wi-Fi second-gen devices will get OTA updates at a future date

New Matter smart switches coming 2023

Belkin Wemo smart light switch (Thread, no date announced)Belkin Wemo smart dimmer (Thread, no date announced) Nanoleaf Sense Plus smart wireless light switch (coming 2023 / Thread)Nanoleaf Sense Plus smart light switch (coming 2023 / Thread)Tapo S505D Smart Dimmer Switch (March 2023)

Smart plugs

Currently available

Eve Energy Thread smart plug (OTA update now, new products March 28th)Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

New Matter plugs coming 2023

A white motion sensor in front of a cat.

The Eve Motion motion sensor can be updated to Matter using a firmware upgrade.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Smart home sensors

Currently available Matter sensors

Eve Motion motion sensor (OTA update now, new product March 28th)Eve Door & Window contact sensor (OTA update now, new product March 28th)

Smart home sensors with Matter updates coming

Eve Weather (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread)Eve Water Guard (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread)Eve Room (OTA update coming 2023 / Thread)

New Matter smart home sensors coming 2023

Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 (coming 2023 / Thread)Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 (coming 2023 / Thread)Netatmo Smart Security Sensor (2023 / Thread)TP-Link motion sensor (2023)

A touchscreen keypad on a door.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 smart lock will get Matter via an upcoming Matter-over-Thread networking module.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Smart door locks

As of January 25th, 2023, there are no smart locks with Matter support enabled.

Smart door locks with Matter updates coming in 2023

Level Lock (all models) (Thread)Lockly Flex Touch Pro (OTA update in 2023)Lockly Vision Elite (OTA update in 2023)Lockly Secure Pro (OTA update in 2023)SwitchBot door lock (with SwitchBot Hub 2, Q1 2023)Yale Assure Lock 2 (Thread module, 2023)

New Matter door locks coming in 2023

Smart thermostats and heating equipment

As of January 25th, 2023, there are no smart thermostats with Matter support enabled.

Matter updates coming in 2023

Eve Thermo smart radiator valve (Thread 2023)Ecobee thermostats (2023) — the company has confirmed its thermostats will support Matter but has not provided any further detailsGoogle Nest Thermostat (updating in 2023)

Home appliances / televisions

As of late January 2023, there are no home appliances or televisions that work as Matter devices (some Samsung refrigerators and TVs are Matter controllers, see above). Several manufacturers have promised Matter support in some upcoming and existing products.

Appliances and TVs with upcoming Matter support

Hisense TVs and appliancesLG smart TVs (webOS 22 and 23)Toshiba TVs and appliancesTCL TVsUniversal Electronics, QuickSet smart TV platform Whirlpool appliances

Smart shades, blinds, and shutters

Smart window treatments with upcoming Matter support

Eve MotionBlinds (Thread / OTA update Q1)Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit (Thread / OTA update Q1)Eve Shutter Switch (Thread, 2023)

Other devices that will work with Matter

Eve Aqua smart water controller (Thread, 2023)Flic Hub and Flic Buttons (2023)

Adding Matter devices to your smart home is similar to using Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Adding Matter devices to your smart home is similar to using Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

How to add Matter devices to your smart home

Matter uses numeric and QR setup codes and Bluetooth Low Energy to add a device to your network. Open your smart home platform or device maker’s app, scan the QR code or manually enter the numeric code written on the device, and follow the prompts.

NFC pairing will be an option for some devices, letting you tap the device with your phone. And some platforms will support auto-detection, so your phone will just see there is a device ready to be paired and prompt you to add it. 

Once your device is set up in one platform, you can add it to other apps and platforms using Matter’s multi-admin feature. The process of sharing is similar to onboarding, but you don’t have to have the device in hand, as the app creates a pairing code for you. Once paired to another platform, you can now control that device from both platforms simultaneously.