O.J. Simpson’s Kids Have a ‘Mixed Bag of Emotions’ Over His Death, Lawyer Claims

Lawyer Malcolm LaVergne noted that Simpson's children 'have the burden of knowing his fame.'

O.J. Simpson’s Kids Have a ‘Mixed Bag of Emotions’ Over His Death, Lawyer Claims

O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown and their kids

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O.J. Simpson‘s adult children prefer to keep their lives “private,” especially with the “burden of knowing [their late father’s] fame,” his lawyer Malcolm LaVergne said in a new interview. After the 76-year-old died from a battle with prostate cancer, his kids — Sydney, Jason, Justin and Arnelle — announced his death.

“They’re just grieving for their father,” LaVergne told Us Weekly on Tuesday, April 16. “Of course, they have the added burden of knowing his fame. And I think it’s a time for them that at some point they just want to have O.J., their father, to themselves.”

LaVergne also informed the outlet that Simpson will be cremated and his family is planning a funeral service. However, it’s unclear if they want a public memorial for the late ex-football player.

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“The family’s always been private. The kids have always been private,” the attorney added. “They’ve stayed private, and their feelings and mixed bag of emotions are really the exact same as anyone else who loses a loved one to a long-term illness.”

During LaVergne’s separate interview with the Associated Press, the Simpson estate executor didn’t answer a question about whether or not Simpson confessed anything to his children on his deathbed.

“Mr. Simpson, to my understanding, had expressed his wishes to his children,” LaVergne pointed out, seemingly referring to Simpson’s preferred burial. “And so they are going to act upon those wishes,” he added. “There’s only been tentative discussions of a celebration of life (or) ceremony.”

Simpson shared his kids Arnelle, Jason and Aaren with his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. Aaren died from an accidental drowning when she was 1 years old. Simpson also shared daughter Sydney and son Justin with ex-wife Nicole Brown.

In 1994, Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered outside of her condo in Los Angeles. After Simpson was initially charged with both of their murders, he was infamously acquitted in 1995. However, he was later deemed responsible for both of their deaths in 1997. As a result, Simpson was ordered to pay the Brown and Goldman families $33.5 million.

A lawyer for the Goldmans, David Cook, claimed Simpson owed over $100 million, as the interest accrued over the years. In response, LaVergne controversially said that he planned to give the Goldmans “zero” but promptly walked back on his statement earlier this week.

After announcing their late father’s death via X on April 11, the Simpson adult children have refrained from publicly commenting on him.