Pre-hated Marmite and Bovril on tap – Campaign rounds up the April Fool's campaigns

The good, the bad and the downright disturbing.

Pre-hated Marmite and Bovril on tap – Campaign rounds up the April Fool's campaigns

Marmite opens 'pre-hated Marmite' store

With eBay reporting a 400% year-on-year increase in second-hand sales, Marmite spied an opportunity to give its pre-hated jars a new, loving home. The savoury yeast extract spread brand is opening a "pre-hated Marmite" store, selling used jars for as little as £1.

The pre-hated Marmite eBay store will sell jars that have been opened, tried and discarded in disgust. Product listings use lines such as "How does anybody eat this?!" and descriptions that include gems like "Only one spread's worth missing."

Pot Noodle partners Papa Johns to launch noodle pizza

Pot Noodle and Papa Johns have teamed up to create a noodle pizza. The "Pot Pizza" is available in three flavours created by topping a pizza base with a Pot Noodle.

The pizzas available are Papa Johns American Hot topped with spicy Bombay Bad Boy and extra jalapeños; Papa Johns Chicken Club crowned with Chicken & Mushroom noodles; and Papa Johns BBQ Meat Feast with smoky Beef & Tomato.

This culinary creation is designed to follow on from the Pot Noodle sandwich that has long been an internet sensation.

Malibu launches super-premium Malibu XO

Malibu is launching a limited-edition Malibu XO made from Malibu that has been aged inside coconuts for 12 years.

Located in the depths of a vault, in a top-secret location, on an undisclosed Caribbean Island, and guarded by a team of security guards around the clock, the coconuts have been kept in a temperature-controlled environment and turned every hour. Only 100 of the XO blend are available, and the spirit comes in a black bottle, nestled in a gold collector's box, accompanied by a certificate of ownership.

Made in Chelsea's Mark-Francis Vandelli, an aficionado of the finer things in life, was selected to be the first person in the UK to get his hands on a bottle of Malibu XO.

Bovril installs in-seat bottomless drink dispensers

Bovril is tying up with the world's oldest football club, Sheffield FC, to grant fans access to their own personal Bovril drinks dispenser – which can be used to access bottomless Bovril, right from their seats.

The news comes following the announcement of the football club's new stadium, which comprises a 4,000-seat arena at Meadowfield in Sheffield. Once the stadium is open, in 18 months' time, football fans will be able to enjoy Bovril on-tap throughout every match.

Aldi launches budget airline

Aldi announced this morning that it will be spreading its wings and launching airline AldiAir. After revealing its plans on social media, the retailer was met by a flurry of responses.

Many shoppers were delighted by the move. One Twitter user said: "If we get through security as quick as the checkout operators scan shopping I'm all for it."

Walkers create bread-sized sandwich crisps

Walkers is aiming to please all crisp sandwich lovers with its new, giant, bread-sized crisp. Designed for use in sandwiches, the "Bread-shaped crisps" are 11cm in height and totally flat.

The new product comes after unsubstantiated research by Walkers revealed that nearly all (98%) of the nation agreed that crisps make sandwiches better.

Professor Green becomes the face of Shitamins

Liquid-form supplement brand Aguulp, founded by Professor Green, has created a fake product announcement for Shitamins.

The Shitamins campaign aims to highlight the inefficiency of tablet-form vitamins and supplements. As part of the activation, Aguulp is occupying a billboard space on Shoreditch High Street, on 30 March, showcasing Professor Green marketing Shitamins in a spoof tongue-in-cheek ad. Aguulp will also be sampling products at the billboard site.

Aguulp is supporting the activity with social assets on owned channels, including a spoof video, and a pseudo landing page that will take consumers from information on Shitamins to learning about Aguulp on the real brand website.

Nasty Gal launches sex toy heel

Nasty Gal is pairing partying and pleasure with sex toy heels that feature a six-inch bullet vibrator for a heel on an open toe sandal. The "Make me Sq-HEEL" collection will be the first product launched in this range.

Wild and Cheesegeek launch cheese scented deodorants

Deodorant brand Wild has partnered with Cheesegeek to launch three new pungent cheese scented deodorants, eau de bleu, salt & milk and nutty orange. Eau de bleu is a tangy, rich and slightly spicy scent inspired by Shropshire Blue. Salt & milk - is inspired by Baron Bigod with a subtle earthy aroma. Nutty orange is orange in colour and inspired by Appleby's Cheshire. The scents are “guaranteed to whet the appetite of your companions” making the wearer irresistible. Like Wild’s other products, the latest fragrance launches are all-natural, fully vegan, sustainable and plastic-free.

Michael Buerk exposes This “meat fraud”

Plant-based brand This has been embroiled in a “meat fraud” scandal. Broadcaster Michael Buerk delivered a shocking new exposé that revealed a meat company has been selling meat alternatives as genuine meat.

After an insider tip-off, meat from Stewart Hendry & Sons was lab tested. Out of the 100 products tested, the report reveals 26 were found to contain no meat whatsoever. Through further investigation, they traced the plant-based alternatives back to This.

Heura rebrands to THAT!

Plant-based company Heura has decided to forfeit it's authentic yet impossible to pronounce name. The brand today announced via Instagram, a full re-brand and re-introduced itself as That.

That, formally known as Heura, can be found across the country with exciting partners including Neat Burger and Ready Burger.

Orbits introduces virtual slap functionality

Orbits, the virtual event platform, is introducing a The Slap React feature which allows guests to respond to hosts with a face slap live during an event. Additionally the sound of crickets can be played to fill the silence. The events industry is ever-changing and this latest feature demonstrates Orbits’ commitment to staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with the latest trends.

Furniture@Work designs place to cry at work

Furniture@Work has solved the problem of where to cry in the office. The soundproof cabinet is made for weeping at work, meaning workers can now escape from the everyday drama of office life in a human-sized “Cryling cabinet”. Key features include, sound (and scream) proof walls, a comforting bean bag seat, tear removal tissues, and an ‘Occupied’ light. There is also a Pick-me-up vending machine with soothing and calming items such as chocolate, blankets, chamomile tea and stress balls.

Haysto aims to curb millennial spending

Mortgage broker Haysto has launched a new savings scheme aimed at helping millennials save for a house deposit by blocking spending on Greggs, Netflix, takeout coffee and anything with avocado. The “SacrifISA” comes in response to Kirstie Allsopp’s motivational comments, suggesting that millennials need only give up their “easyJet, coffee, gym and Netflix” lifestyle to get themselves on the property ladder. With the tagline “Stop complaining. Start a SacrifISA”, the scheme is linked to the user's debit card and once connected, will help to curb unnecessary spending by blocking attempts to waste precious savings. Once a purchase has been blocked, the millennial pink card will automatically transfer funds into the savers SacrifISA account.