Public Talks: Developing an authentic inner Peace

Following the Spring Festival, the Kadampa Meditation Centers in Kensington, Berlin, Hamburg and Barcelona held compelling public talks with special guest Teachers.

Public Talks: Developing an authentic inner Peace

Public Talk with kadam morten at kmc berlin

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Kadam Morten explained that Buddha did not teach meditation merely for relaxation but to bring true happiness. He questioned the nature of happiness, suggesting that external things can only provide temporary satisfaction. Instead, inner peace is the key to lasting happiness, which is a state of mind. He illustrated this by noting that happiness from listening to music doesn't come from the music itself but from within the mind. He emphasized that through consistent meditation practice, we can create mental space, allowing our awareness to turn inward and discover a dimension of stillness and spaciousness. When the mind settles, it naturally becomes peaceful, leading to an ongoing experience of deep happiness.

He concluded that inner peace and happiness are our true nature, and we all possess this source of peace and happiness within us.

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