The 5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes [Infographic]

Maybe it's time to reassess your online habits.

The 5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes [Infographic]

Okay, you’re probably making at least some of these mistakes, and while this reminder may not change your habits, it is worth taking note of the most common cybersecurity missteps.

According to a survey of 7,500 people, across 15 countries, the team from Visual Capitalist have come up with the five most common risky internet behaviors, which are:

Using a work device for personal activities Reusing or sharing a password Connecting to WiFi networks in public spaces without using a virtual private network (VPN) Responding to a message from someone you don’t know Accessing inappropriate websites

And while we’re generally aware of the risks of these behaviors, the survey also found that the majority of respondents admitted to making these mistakes knowingly.

Maybe this reminder won’t shift you out of your more convenient processes. But maybe, it should.

Check out the infographic overview below.

5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes infographic