3 Ways To Encourage To Brighter Skin & Fewer Age Spots ASAP

Ah yes, the post-summer sunspots.

3 Ways To Encourage To Brighter Skin & Fewer Age Spots ASAP
Hannah Frye


September 28, 2023

Hannah Frye

Assistant Beauty & Health Editor

By Hannah Frye

Assistant Beauty & Health Editor

Hannah Frye is the Assistant Beauty Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism and a minor in women’s, gender, and queer studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Hannah has written across lifestyle sections including health, wellness, sustainability, personal development, and more.

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September 28, 2023

Ah yes, the post-summer sunspots. You know, sometimes they just happen—if a few freckles are the result of a well-earned vacation, time with friends, and days spent outside, so be it. 

Nevertheless, you may find yourself entering the fall season with more dark spots than you’d like. If that’s the case, don’t fret—there are plenty of ways to brighten your complexion, starting with the few below.

First things first: You’ll want to commit to exfoliating your skin on a regular cadence. How often you complete this step greatly depends on your skin type—those with sensitive skin may only exfoliate once a week, while others may consider twice or even three times a week in some cases. 

How you choose to exfoliate will also vary. You could consider a gentle physical exfoliating method with a face cloth or textured cleanser, or you can choose to go with chemical exfoliants to dissolve skin cells. 

There are three categories within the latter: Poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs), alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs)—listed in order from gentlest to strongest. Check out our deep dive on AHAs and BHAs to learn more about which product type is right for your skin. 

Keeping up with exfoliation will ensure you are sloughing off dead skin cells, bringing fresh and bright skin to the surface. You may not notice a huge difference after one day, but with consistent use, your complexion will look brighter within a few weeks. 


Antioxidant-rich serums & nutrition

It’s also worth noting that ingesting antioxidants is great for skin health, too. 

Vitamin C is a vital part of the collagen synthesis process, helping collagen cross-link and support skin firmness. It doesn't just stimulate collagen production; it stabilizes the collagen1 you have, leading to overall wrinkle reduction. So add some vitamin C-rich foods to your plate and consider an antioxidant supplement for inside-out support.


Barrier & microbiome support

Finally, you’ll want to support your skin barrier and your skin’s microbiome during this process. Products like exfoliants can be drying and disrupt your skin's natural bacteria balance if you aren't careful, which will only make your complexion lose its glow. 

Plus, dry and damaged skin is more susceptible to sun damage, so protecting your barrier will also help prevent new hyperpigmentation from forming.

So consider using a barrier cream for extra hydration at night, and look for ingredients like pre- and postbiotics in your skin care products to feed your skin microbiome. 

Altogether, these tips will have your skin glowing and dark spots faded in no time. 

The takeaway

Consistent exfoliation, vitamin C serums and supplements, along with barrier and microbiome support are all worthy areas to focus on for brighter skin. Believe it or not, there are even more steps you can take to brighten dark spots—here’s a full guide if you want to learn more