7 surprising ways eggs can transform your health

From building muscle to preventing blindness, these nutrient powerhouses are packed with unexpected benefits.

7 surprising ways eggs can transform your health

From building muscle to preventing blindness, these nutrient powerhouses are packed with unexpected benefits.

Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, the humble egg is more than just the perfect accompaniment to your avocado toast.

In fact, eggs are so nutritious, experts affectionately refer to them as “nature’s multivitamin”.

“While eggs have received their fair share of bad press over the decades, nutrition science has changed in recent years – and the tides on eggs have turned,” explains dietitian Melissa Meier.

Here are seven ways they can boost your wellbeing today.

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1. They improve your health

“Eggs are a source of choline, a little-known yet important nutrient,” dietitian Dr Gina Cleo tells Body+Soul. This nutrient can help prevent cognitive decline and improve your memory and concentration, and since most people don’t produce enough choline to meet their daily requirements, eggs are an easy way to get your fix.

2. They up your gym gains

“Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles as well as helping you recover faster when injured,” notes Cleo. Just two eggs will provide an impressive 20 per cent of your recommended daily protein intake.

According to Meier, the protein in eggs is topnotch. “Eggs are classified as a ‘complete’ protein,” she explains.

“That means they contain all of the essential amino acids that your body needs to function properly.”

3. They protect your vision

Thanks to their reserves of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and the antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin and selenium, eggs can give your long-term eye health a powerful boost. “These antioxidants are also associated with a decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in older Australians,” Cleo adds.

4. They’re good for your hormones

“Eggs are fantastic for women’s health as they are high in selenium, vitamin D and B12, which are essential for balancing hormones,” explains Kelly Hume, contributing style director for Body+Soul and Stellar, and founder of Milton Eggs. Selenium can also support your thyroid, which produces the hormones responsible for metabolic health.

5.: They don’t increase your cholesterol

Since eggs contain cholesterol, for years it was thought that by avoiding them, you could keep your levels in check. “The good news for egg-lovers is that this train of thought is now outdated,” assures Meier.

“Scientific research has found that cholesterol in food doesn’t actually have much of an effect on blood cholesterol levels. Instead, saturated fat – that’s the unhealthy type – has a much more potent effect on cholesterol.”

6. They boost your immunity

Don’t be afraid to include egg yolks in your morning omelette – they’re one of the few foods that contain naturally high amounts of immune-strengthening vitamin D.

“A serving of two eggs provides 82 percent of your recommended dietary intake,” explains Cleo.

As a great source of the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, eggs also help to bolster your immune system, prevent free-radical damage and maintain general health.

7. They can curb the afternoon munchies

Thanks to the impressive protein content of eggs, enjoying them as part of a meal can leave you feeling fuller.

“Research shows that diets high in protein increase satiety, which reduces hunger and leads to greater feelings of satisfaction,” Cleo points out.

To combat the lure of unhealthy snacks, she suggests starting your day with an egg breakfast. “[Pair this with] a serve of veggies and a healthy fat like avocado,” she tips.

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