Click, Kick and Create with Sofia Sahade

We dive deeper into what makes our graphic designer, Sofia Sahade, click, kick and create.

Click, Kick and Create with Sofia Sahade

The passions that make up a person reach far beyond their job description. For Sofia, being creative and supporting her passions outside of work paints a truly vivid picture of someone who is driven, artfully focused and infinitely interesting. 

Sofia puts her all into everything she does in the creative department. Her work shows across accounts and also within Brafton. You’ve probably seen a lot of her creations and hadn’t realized the master behind the artwork. Let’s take this sketch and give it some color: the life of Sofia Sahade and her growth at Brafton. 

Pencil to Paper 

Before Sofia was a graphics master, she grew up in Piraju, Brazil. 

“It’s a town with a river and waterfalls, very pretty,” she reflects. “I left my town in 2015 and went to São Paulo for a year, where I studied in a course that prepares people for college. Since 2016, I have lived in Curitiba.”

Sofia went to the Federal University of the State of Paraná, one of the top 10 universities in Brazil and is noted as a prestigious university in Latin America.

“I have a graphic design degree and an MBA specializing in branding.”

Bring in a Little Color 

While she was living in Curitiba, she met her now-husband and decided to stay there. Thanks to her degree, she aced several branding projects — one of which was for a construction company. While the work was aligned with what she studied, she knew she wanted to do something a little more creative. 

“After that, I worked at a design studio creating names and brandings for a variety of companies, which was fun but also tiring,” she says jokingly. 

During the pandemic, Brazil went through a lot of changes, which pushed her to pursue something else to align more creatively and meet her needs. 

“In 2021, I was going through a hard time after my father passed away. I was applying to every design position I could find because I needed a better job to help my family financially.” 

Supporting a family during a global pandemic wasn’t easy for anyone, especially for Sofia as she grieved for her late father. Landing an interview with our Design and UX Director, Ken Boostrom, was a dream come true and a hope for a real future. 

“Honestly, this was a miracle for me. Things were rough in Brazil during the pandemic, so getting this job at Brafton was just amazing.”

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Filling in the Details

Sofia didn’t just land the job and coast. No, she has thrived and created incredible artwork for many of our accounts including our Brafton website. While there are a plethora of great things she loves about working here, the design team itself is a major splash of color. 

“I like how Ken runs the design team and how he makes us feel secure with our work,” explains Sofia. “Here, I know that I’ll have guidance to improve my [skills] and also be recognized for the good [job] I do. I feel comfortable and confident here. I can try new things, and I’m always learning [something] new.” 

But what’s a job without an incredible environment and colleagues to go with it?

“I like my colleagues and I’m inspired by their good work. Another thing that I really like is working remotely! It gives me so much time for other things and helps me have healthier habits and routines.”

For Sofia, Brafton means she can live her life to the fullest both creatively and in her personal endeavors. What’s the full picture that makes up our standout graphic designer? Let’s complete this portrait.

The Final Touches 

When Sofia isn’t crushing it at work and making life-long working connections, she has a few different interests in her palette that create a design unlike any other. 

“I love watching true crime! This is weird for [some], but I really like to know what people are capable of, and how their minds work,” says Sofia. “And I also love making cakes and all kinds of desserts.”

Sofia is always thinking about how to dig deep into what makes people tick and what their next move is. That brings us to how she gets the most out of her fitness routine.

“After I finish my work, I go to the Muay Thai class.” Muay Thai, for those who don’t know, is also known as Thai boxing, or the “art of eight limbs”. She’s trying to earn her first belt through various kicks, jabs and jumps that will get her to the next level in training. But Sofia is also very involved in her local church whenever they need new artwork . 

A Portrait Complete

For Sofia — and all Braftonites for that matter — life extends far beyond the end of a work day. We are so proud of the work Sofia has done and of her pursuits outside of work as well. For us, we only see a bright future. Keep it up, Sofia!