I'm A Dietitian: This Is How I Keep My Daily Digestion On Track

This probiotic will help you feel better on a daily basis.*

I'm A Dietitian: This Is How I Keep My Daily Digestion On Track
This Probiotic Supplement Helped Relieve My IBS Symptoms—And I Now Recommend It To All Of My Clients

As a dietitian, a high-quality probiotic supplement is one of the first things I encourage my clients and social media followers to add to their nutrition and health routine.* Gut health is definitely a passion of mine. As we continue to learn so much about the gut, and how it's connected to many other pathways in the body that affect our digestion, mood, immune system and more, I think taking a probiotic every day is a small, attainable way to promote health and to feel your best.*

My mindset around probiotics was further solidified after I experienced an unexpected personal gut issue—and that's when I (had to) discover the targeted option that worked best for me.* 

During a trip to Thailand in early 2019, I got food poisoning—and afterward, my gut balance just wasn't what it used to be. As a healthcare professional, I think it's probable that the food poisoning incident wiped out a lot of the good bacteria in my gut. I began experiencing gut health needs (incomplete digestion, gas, bloating, irregularity) for months following that trip at random—it was so frustrating to deal with. 

Fast-forward to almost six months after the trip, when I began incorporating mindbodygreen's probiotic+. Slowly but surely, with routine use, I noticed my gut health definitely benefited from these four targeted, clinically-studied strains.* My personal digestive needs were addressed within just a few weeks of using the supplement consistently.* I was so excited that something was finally working—which improved my mood in and of itself.*

Why I recommend probiotic+ to my clients for bloat and digestion needs.

 This Is How I Keep My Daily Digestion On Track

As someone who has experienced digestion issues of my own, I totally understand feeling like you're not sure what to do when you feel less than your best. And even if you do start to explore probiotics, it can be very overwhelming to know which ones actually work,* considering all of the different types of probiotics out there.

Because this is the only probiotic blend with this particular combination of four strains of bacteria specifically designed to ease bloating and aid digestion, I trust probiotic+.* Knowing that it's made with research-backed information, high-quality standards, and responsibility at the forefront is also very important to me*—and in line with my nutrition philosophy rooted in evidence-based science.

Taking probiotic+ is one of the simplest ways we can improve how we feel on a daily basis.*

I take mine as part of my morning routine, along with a big glass of water, and feel good knowing that it's helping me keep my digestion on track and giving my gut the good bacteria it needs to keep me healthy.* 

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.


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