Spain tops ‘good value’ league table in tourist survey

Post Office highlights impact of sterling’s fall in value

Spain tops ‘good value’ league table in tourist survey

Holidaymakers are urged to “do their homework” about costs in overseas destinations as sterling’s falls against several currencies could make “sizeable” differences to the cost of their break.

The call comes from Post Office Travel Money, which has polled more than 2,000 holidaymakers about their travel plans and perception of costs abroad.

The survey found 53% of respondents are planning overseas trips, compared with 43% last year.

And Spanish resorts took the top two places a table of ratings by past visitors who were asked about places that offered good value.

Spain’s Costas were given a 92% rating, while the Canary Islands scored 91%. Almost as many gave good value approval ratings to Greece (89%), Portugal (88%) and Turkey (88%).

The Post Office highlighted that Turkey is one of the few destinations where sterling will stretch further than last year.

Brits changing £500 can expect to receive more than 50% more in Turkish lira – the equivalent of almost £167 extra.

Bulgaria got an 80% ‘good value’ rating, placing it in 12th position, six places below its more expensive Balkan rival Croatia, which was rated good value by 86% of people who had holidayed there.

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Mexico achieved the highest approval ratings given by long-haul holidaymakers who had visited the country (855).

However, the Post Office flagged up the rise in the value of the Mexican peso, which means travellers will get around £70 less to spend when they change £500.

The destinations receiving the lowest good value ratings were Dubai (44%) and Scandinavia (42%).

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, said: “Sterling’s fall in value makes it even more important for people planning trips to consider the costs they will face in resorts abroad before they take the plunge and book a holiday.

“While they weigh up the cost of flights and accommodate or package deals, they will need to watch what is happening with sterling as that will make a sizeable difference to the overall cost of their holiday.

“By choosing destinations like Turkey or Bulgaria in Europe or Thailand or Mexico further afield, they could save themselves money.”

Picture by Bogdan Sonjachnyj/Shutterstock