The Tovala Smart Oven Is the Best Gift This Holiday Season for a More Efficient Kitchen

Knock your gift-giving game out of the park this year by giving perfectly cooked meals at the touch of a button with Tovala.

The Tovala Smart Oven Is the Best Gift This Holiday Season for a More Efficient Kitchen

There are two types of people in the world, those who will always carve out time to cook a meal and those who would rather do anything but. And for the latter, we've got a great holiday gift for them: the Tovalva Smart Oven. 

The Tovala Smart Oven cooks up delicious and fresh meals that take minimal effort. And the innovative oven itself is just half the package because Tovalva also has weekly rotating menus full of delicious dishes that prep in a minute or less. What happens next is truly futuristic: the Tovala Smart Oven scans the meal's QR code, automatically adjusts to the correct settings, and, just like that, it's ready to cook a gourmet meal.

For Christmas or Hanukkah this year, you can give the gift of restaurant-quality dishes cooked in 20 minutes or less from the comfort of home. Think of all the stress you're saving that special someone on your gift list! They'll save time by cutting down on grocery shopping, skipping veggie dicing and enjoying easy cleanup. 

Tovala offers gift cards so you can give this innovative system to the ones you love and they can pick out the meals they will enjoy most. If you know any busy professionals or parents, college students who are living on their own or unlucky cooks who have trouble boiling water, they'll be delighted by this thoughtful present. You're not only saving them time, but you're also giving them an appliance that makes them fresh and tasty meals whenever they want. Each day when they sit back and relax with a plate of tasty food made with their shiny new Tovala, they'll think of your generous gift.

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Below, check out some of the delicious meals you can get (or give) created to go in the Tovala Smart Oven. (Because their menu rotates weekly, availability will vary.) If you want to gift the oven, which is quite the gift all on its own, let the recipient know they're not limited to Tovala's prepared meals. Tovala's cook-to-scan technology allows you to scan the barcodes and correctly cook more than 800 grocery store items as well.

Crispy Chicken Potsticker Bowl with Veggie Fried Rice


You'll never need to order delivery for your Chinese takeout fix again with this crispy potsticker bowl from Tovala. The chicken potstickers are paired with a corn-edamame salad and a tasty scallion vinaigrette for comfort food that's also fresh. 


BBQ Chicken Cheddar Melt


Eat delicious BBQ chicken within 20 minutes using this quick prep meal kit. It comes with a side of broccoli in a zesty honey mustard vinaigrette. 


Buffalo Chicken Pasta with Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese


There's not much that's more comforting than a big bowl of yummy pasta. This cheesy pasta is elevated with blue cheese and a tangy hot sauce. 


Esquites-Inspired Flatbread


Pizza with a Mexican-twist isn't something you see often, but based on how delicious this flatbread looks it should be a frequent food fusion.


Smoky Hickory-Rubbed Filet Mignon


Tovala also offers elevated dishes perfect for a romantic date night at home, like this hickory-rubbed filet mignon with mouth-watering cheddar scallion mashed potatoes and a refreshing coleslaw.


Tovala Smart Oven


Here's the appliance that makes it all happen. Save $250 on the Tovala Smart Oven now through December 3 thanks to their extended Cyber Monday deal. 


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