Top 10 Singing Bowls + Benefits of Sound Therapy to Your Meditation

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Top 10 Singing Bowls + Benefits of Sound Therapy to Your Meditation

Quick Tip: The best singing bowls can enhance your yoga and meditation practice by soothing tension, improving spiritual wellbeing, and activating higher levels of consciousness.

We have all undoubtedly experienced the healing power of music. Sound is vital to our yoga practice and drastically improves the experience of students in yoga classes as well.

While most modern studios opt for bluetooth speakers, the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls have the capacity to relax our nervous system, sooth tension, and improve spiritual wellbeing by activating our brain waves to higher levels of consciousness.

The sound therapy that comes from an ancient holy instrument can really take a yoga class to the next level and especially powerful for deep meditations or a long relaxing Savasana.

Whether you are a casual yogi, meditation aficionado, or yoga teacher, singing bowls are powerful tools for amplifying your spiritual connection and deepening the quality of your practice.

Like any instrument or yoga accessory, not all singing bowls are created equal. Set the tone (literally) for a magical yoga class with one of these top 10 singing bowls.

Quick Picks: Top 10 Best Singing Bowls

Best Overall: 5″-5.5″ Golden Bronze Singing Bowl from Himalayan Bowls Best Portable Singing Bowl: Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Best for Beginners: Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Best Singing Bowl Set: Wish Well 7 Charka Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Best Crystal Singing Bowl: Alioth 8 inch Crystal Singing Bowl F Note Best Large Bowl: Telsha Meditative Himalayan Singing Bowl with Mallet and Cushion Most Unique Design: CVNC 8 Inch Rainbow Colored Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Best Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set: Ryan Dvan 7 pc Set of Forested Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls Best Nesting Singing Bowl Set: Singing Bowl Nepal Buddhist Meditation Bowls, Set of 5 Best Budget Singing Bowl: Biggo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

What is a Singing Bowl?

 Golden singing bowl with a mallet

Monks and yogis have harnessed the soothing sound of Himalayan or Tibetan singing bowls for thousands of years to deepen meditation and yoga practices while improving focus, reducing anxiety, and even relieving insomnia, among many other benefits.

These gorgeous ancient bowls work by gently striking the surface with a mallet and then slowly dragging it around the rim to create beautiful grounding sounds. They are most commonly made of Tibetan brass, metal alloys, or quartz crystal.

An instrument of sorts, singing bowls have grown significantly in popularity as meditation and yoga become more mainstream in western cultures. The sound and vibration of these uniquely formed bowls can calm your nervous system and deepen your spiritual connections.

Benefits of Singing Bowls in Meditation

If you struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, or general relaxation, perhaps sound healing with a singing bowl could be the secret to soothing your mind and body.

Not only is there significant science regarding the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of crystal singing bowls, but there is also evidence that the sound vibrations from a singing bowl can promote muscle regeneration, pain relief, better digestion, higher energy levels, lower blood pressure, and even an improved immune system.

But not all Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowls are created equal. The sound quality, echo, volume, and healing potential varies widely depending on what the bowl is made of and how it is used.

Let’s explore the best singing bowls to enhance to your yoga or meditation practice.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

Top 10 Best Singing Bowls

1 – Best Overall

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set - Easy To Play Authentic Handcrafted For Meditation Sound Chakra Yoga...

If you’re looking for a cream-of-the-crop, world famous singing bowl set, Himalayan Bowls makes the most authentic and truly powerful singing bowls we’ve encountered. These bowls are heirloom quality, with long ringing tones and exquisite polished bronze craftsmanship. They even offer genuine antique bowls for those seeking a truly ancient, holy sound.

This bronze bowl set is made in Nepal and imported by a single, trusted source to the Himalayan Bowls’ warehouse in Gilroy, California. Shipping is fast and safe. Each bowl is carefully inspected and tested before shipping and includes a 7-day return policy (but the company has had less than 10 returns in their entire existence; these bowls are truly that well-made).

This genuine crafted bowl has a smooth bronze exterior and a polished interior that offer a more organic, earthy aesthetic. Reviewers say that it resonates beautifully alongside a crystal bowl and helps ease you into a silent mind with minimal effort. The tuning of each bowl varies.

Highest quality bronze bowlSlightly asymmetrical design for optimal singingEasy to playHear the real sound on their recordingPerfect size for balancing sound quality and portabilityDirectly support known source of female Nepalese artisansSustainable, wildcrafted wood used for pallets and packing material1 free cushion and 2 free mallets included20 year old trusted companyImported to California directly from NepalFast shipping in the USA

2 – Best Portable Singing Bowl

Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set — Meditation Sound Bowl Handcrafted in Nepal for Yoga, Chakra...

This simple brass signing bowl is elegantly hand-hammered and made in Nepal at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a portable 3.5″ size that weighs just 0.66 pounds for use at any yoga or meditation class on the go. It includes a pure teakwood mallet and small felt cushion for ease of use.

These bowls truly sound amazing for such a small size and simple design. The mesmerizing tones help calm your mind and encourage deeper meditations, and the mallet is easy to maneuver for unique sounds on different parts of the bowl. This singing bowl is very affordable and looks nice on display as well.

3.5″ for portabilityHand hammered brassElegant simple designHand carved teakwood malletSimple felt cushionVery affordable price pointInstructions are includedLifetime guarantee or 100% money back
Some strikers/mallets arrive damaged or do not lastSingle surface striker (both sides are wood)Very smallCheaper quality than other brands

3 – Best for Beginners

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set – Authentic Hand-Tuned Sound Bowl for Meditation – Complete Meditation...

This authentic Tibetan singing bowl set is handmade by Nepalese artisans and designed for on-the-go or studio use. It’s about 4″ in diameter and fits in your hand, yet in spite of its small size, the pure tones are layered and powerful. The beautiful Tibetan designs are etched into the hammered brass bowls and complete with an antique finish that actually lasts. Each bowl comes with an easy-grip dual-end striker and a non-dampening silk decorative pillow for the bowl to sit on. You can use the different sides of the striker to customize the sound tone of your bowl, for example the suede covered end creates lower pitched sounds and the wooden end yields higher pitched sounds.

5 antique color finishesEtched designsHandmade in NepalDual sided striker (leather and wood) for different tonesHand sewn silk round pillowIncludes user’s guide, free ebook, and 3D sound bath audio track4″ for portabilityVery high quality calming soundSignificant resonance for a small sizeEasy for beginners to useAffordable price pointGreat customer service100% money back guarantee
Higher pitch than larger bowlsThe bowl may slip off the pillow during useSmaller than most people expect

4 – Best Singing Bowl Set

Wish Well Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ 4' Sound Bowl with 7 Chakra Crystal Stones, Rose Quartz...

If you’re looking for an entire meditation set, this chakra singing bowl set is the buy for you. I love that it comes with a 7 healing stones (coinciding with each chakra) as well as a rose quartz pendulum, spiral necklace, 4″ Tibetan singing bowl, wooden mallet, hand-sewn fabric case, and a velvet pouch for the stones.

The charka healing crystals include clear quartz (crown chakra), amethyst (third eye chakra), lapis lazuli (throat chakra), green aventurine (heart chakra), citrine (solar plexus chakra), carnelian (sacral chakra), and red jasper (root chakra). You can slip any of the stones into the spiral necklace to bring the powerful energy from your meditations with you when you are working on unblocking certain chakras.

The harmonious vibrations of this hand hammered brass bowl can be used in conjunction with the crystals to aid in chakra healing and balancing. The frequencies emitted by the bowl when struck enhance your meditation and helps your brain enter alpha brainwaves, which signify a shift to higher levels of consciousness and peacefulness.

The hand sewn cushion and carrying case have a velvety feel and make it easy to use and transport this singing bowl without risking damaging it. The wooden mallet includes a bare wood and a felt-covered side for different tonal possibilities. But my favorite part of this set is how affordable it is and the excellent customer service from the company.

Very affordable set4″ brass singing bowlFelt pillow and carrying case includedGreat for giftingHandcrafted and etched by Nepalese artisansIncludes chakra healing stones, rose quartz pendulum, and interchangeable spiral necklaceDual-sided mallet for different frequencies
Takes a little more practice to make it singMallet may cause “skipping”Sound can be short

5 – Best Crystal Singing Bowl

ALIOTH 8 inch F Note Crystal Singing Bowl Heart Chakra with Padded Bundle Bag and Singing Bowl...

Crystal singing bowls offer a different tone to your sound healing practice. This larger bowl is manufactured with 99.992% pure quartz and hand made to ensure precise tuning to the F note, which coincides with your heart chakra. This bowl is specifically designed to strengthen your connection with yourself and create a stable foundation of self-confidence, courage, and emotional expression. Sound healers and practitioners of energy medicine prefer crystal bowls for specific charka healing because they focus on a singular tone, whereas metal bowls are used to align all the chakras and present more complex ranges of overtones.

The crystal bowl comes at a moderate price range and includes a hollow suede striker mallet as well as a heavy duty sponge for storage and transport. These bowls are much more breakable than the metal types and are best kept in the home or studio.

99.992% pure quartz crystalCowhide suede strikerPadded sponge for storage and transportHand crafted and precision tuned by company with 20 years of experience in producing singing bowlsCrystal singing bowls have a more precise tone than metal bowlsF note vibrance to focus specifically on the heart chakraExcellent sound qualityReplaced free of charge if damaged
More expensive bowl than brass typesCrystal singing bowls are more breakable and fragileLower range of tones than metal singing bowls

6 – Best Large Bowl

Meditative Himalayan Singing Bowl with Mallet and Cushion ​-Tibetan Sound Bowls for Energy...

Telsha Meditative Himalayan Singing Bowl with Mallet and Cushion

See latest price

This stunning 5.5″ golden-colored hammered brass bowl boasts beautiful artistry and premium sound performance to ease you into a meditative state. I absolutely love the resonant tone that comes from a deeper bowl design that sounds incredibly grounding when played.

There is a wood mallet and hand-sewn royal blue silk cushion included with this singing bowl set. Unlike other products, the cushion is perfectly formed for non-slip placement of the bowl. The suede mallet has one bare wood to use for different tonal variations.

I am most impressed with the sound quality of this larger bowl. It sings and echos beautifully, but some people have found it works best with a larger mallet. Nonetheless, the artistically crafted bowl is gorgeous in any room and the deeper design creates a more wholesome sound.

Larger, deeper design is easier to use and provides more range of tone5.5″ x 5″ x 5″ in sizeHandcrafted brassSilk cushion is perfectly formed for a non-slip hold on the bowlBeautiful artistry makes a great accent in your home or studioWood and suede mallet
Mid-range price pointMay not sing as easily as beginner bowlsWorks best with a larger mallet

7 – Most Unique Design

CVNC 8 Inch Rainbow Colored A Note Third-Eye Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl + Free...

I’ve honestly never seen a crystal singing bowl as uniquely colored as this. The 99.99% pure crystal quartz is gorgeously frosted with the colors of correlating chakras. It is a larger bowl about 8″ in diameter that includes a ball-tipped rubber mallet that can be used on the interior or exterior of the bowl.

You can purchase these bowls in different notes (A, B, F, or G) for particular charka activation and different tones. Like we mentioned before, crystal bowls have a much more precise sound, whereas brass bowls encompass a broader range of tones. These bowls play at a 440 hz frequency known to reduce stress, improve mental health, and deepen your meditation.

Comes in A, B, F, or G Notes (coinciding with different bowl colors)Really nice sound8″ sizeEasy to use ball-tipped rubber malletHigh quality construction
Colored “frosting” on the quartz is not non-toxic, may have a smell (some customers report the smell is only from the rubber ring)Made in ChinaBreakableHigher price point

8 – Best Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set

RYAN DVAN 8-12 Inch Set of 7 relative pitch 440 hz Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set

This bowl set really takes sound healing to the next dimension. It comes with 7 pure quartz crystal singing bowls in notes C, D, E, F, A, B, and G. It also includes 2 rubber pallets, 2 suede strikers, 7 O-rings, and easy portable carrying cases. The mesmerizing tone of these crystal bowls is what really sets them apart from others.

This brand includes a lifetime guarantee for their 99.99% pure quartz crystal singing bowl set. Whether a certified sound healer, yogi, or hobby singing bowl user, this set does not disappoint with each bowl’s beautiful sound and precise tonal purity. Due to the quantity, superb construction, and super high quality sound, these bowls are not cheap, but they do deliver the most incredible sound healing experience. The sound is very loud, sharp, and will deeply resonate with the corresponding chakra note.

Includes 7 crystal singing bowls of different notes in various sizesLow, smooth, and loud tonesPremium sound quality2 mallet types includedSafe padded cases to carry or transport without breakingGorgeous frosted crystal appearanceLifetime guarantee
Luxury price pointHighly breakable

9 – Best Nesting Singing Bowl Set

Singing Bowl Nepal-Beaten Tibetan Singing Bowl Set of 5 Hand Hammered - Buddhist Meditation Bowls...

The different metal alloy composition and sizes of this Tibetan singing bowl set coincide with the most ancient Buddhist meditation practices. The seven metal combination of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc represent the sun, moon, and 5 planets. These bowls are powerful and play easily with a pristine, deeply grounding sound that will resonate through your entire home or studio.

I love that these 5 bowls nest together and include 5 unique mallets to experiment with different sounds and tones. Some mallets have a suede side, while others are pure wood. Everything is handcrafted by artisans in Nepal and hammered for the perfect beautiful finish. A silk cushion and carrying bag are also included.

5 bowls (3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, and 5.2″)Bowls nest together5 differently sized wooden and suede malletsInclude the authentic Seven Metals combination based on ancient traditionsPlay different sizes to create a uniquely diverse musical experienceDeep, long lasting meditation sound to help with a silent mindPremium quality
Luxury price pointMay not nest together perfectlyMany customers prefer purchasing larger alternative mallets

10 – Best Budget Singing Bowl Set

Biggo Tibetan Singing Bowl Set-Meditation Sound Bowl for Yoga,Mindfulness,Chakra...

If you don’t want to spend more than $20 on a singing bowl for your meditation or yoga practice, this 3.2″ travel size Tibetan singing bowl set is the best budget option for quality sound and beauty without breaking the bank. It is pocket-sized metal alloy bowl with an antique-style design.

It is uniquely easy to use and has a resonance that keeps the sound harmonizing for a fair duration of time, in spite of its size. The singing overtones are graceful and steady for easing your mind into a peaceful state, and the shape of the bowl creates low frequency, high wavelength sounds that are known to promote physical healing.

For such a cheap price, this bowl is impressively high quality and includes a wooden mallet with one suede side, as well as a hand-sewn silk cushion.

Very affordable small bowlPalm-sized (3.2″ diameter)Functional and easy for travelVery easy for beginners to useDurable metalIncludes mallet and silk cushion
Some customers report it is actually made in ChinaToo tiny for some practitionersDifficult to maintain a consistent soundDoes not resonate as long as larger bowls

How to Choose the Right Singing Bowl?

Choosing the perfect singing bowl can make a significant difference in your meditation or yoga routine. It’s not just about selecting the most visually appealing one. There are several factors to take into account to find the ideal match.

Consideration of Materials

Singing bowls are available in different materials, such as brass, bronze and crystal, each producing a distinct sound. Brass and bronze bowls offer a complex tone, while crystal bowls provide a clear and pure sound. Reflect on what resonates best with you.

Size and Weight Considerations

The size and weight of the bowl impact its sound quality and ease of transport. Larger bowls produce deeper tones with more resonance, while smaller ones are more portable and easier to handle. If you frequently travel, a smaller bowl might suit you better.

Assessing Sound Quality

It’s essential to test the sound quality before making a purchase. Strike the bowl and listen to its resonance – a good bowl should produce a long lasting harmonious tone. Experiment with different mallets if possible to understand their impact on the sound produced.

Appreciating Craftsmanship

Hand hammered bowls typically exhibit higher quality craftsmanship with unique patterns that provide an authentic touch. While machine made bowls may be more budget friendly, they may lack the same richness of sound as their handcrafted counterparts.

Think about the intended use of the bowl. If you plan to use it for meditation, you may prefer a bowl that produces a soothing and calming sound. For yoga classes, a bowl with a louder and more vibrant tone could be more suitable.

When it comes to budget, singing bowls come in various price ranges, from $20 to well over $1,000. Higher priced bowls typically offer superior sound quality and craftsmanship. However, there are also many mid range options available that offer good value for money.

Selecting the perfect singing bowl is a personal journey. Take your time exploring different choices and find the one that resonates with your inner self.

The Significance of Singing Bowls in Contemporary Sound Therapy Practices

The significance of singing bowls in contemporary sound therapy practices has been growing steadily in recent years. Singing bowls have a long history, dating back to ancient Tibet. These bowls are also known as Tibetan bowls and are used for healing and meditation purposes.

There are various types of singing bowls available, such as Thadobati, Jambati, Manipuri, and Remuna bowls, each with its unique sound and healing properties. People looking for a singing bowl for healing can choose from a wide range of options, including antique singing bowls, new bowls, and chakra bowls.

Singing bowls are also used in sound therapy practices, where practitioners use a singing bowl to produce sound vibrations that help in relaxation and balancing the chakras. Many individuals use a singing bowl for healing by playing the bowl to create soothing sounds and vibrations.

When looking for a singing bowl, individuals can listen to sound clips of different bowls available to find the type of bowl that resonates with them. The shape and size of the bowl can also affect its sound, with medium-sized bowls being popular choices for sound therapy.

Some bowls have a flat bottom, such as Thadobati singing bowls, while others, like Jambati bowls, have a more rounded shape. Singing bowls are not only used for healing but also as a form of meditation and relaxation. The sound produced by a singing bowl can have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it a popular tool in contemporary wellness practices.

Blending Singing Bowls with Other Sound Therapy Instruments

While singing bowls hold significant power individually, incorporating them with other sound therapy instruments can intensify their impact. Instruments such as tuning forks, gongs and chimes can orchestrate a harmonious blend of healing frequencies. This fusion has the potential to enrich meditation practices and elevate the overall sound therapy experience.

My Personal Encounter with Multi Instrument Sound Therapy

Through my own practice, I have discovered that harmonizing singing bowls with tuning forks results in a more immersive journey. The bowls establish a solid foundation, while the tuning forks introduce higher frequencies that seem to resonate deeply within the body. This layered technique aids in releasing tension and fostering a profound sense of relaxation.

Creating a Multi Instrument Sound Therapy Session

To craft a multi instrument sound therapy session, initiate the process with a large singing bowl to set a tranquil ambiance. Gradually incorporate tuning forks by gently striking them and allowing their vibrations to intertwine with the tones of the bowl. Integrate gongs or chimes to enrich the auditory landscape. This approach can be particularly impactful during group meditation sessions or yoga classes.

Advantages of Multi Instrument Sound Therapy

Utilizing an array of sound therapy instruments can address diverse aspects related to physical and emotional well being.

Exploring various frequencies can aid in balancing the chakras, easing stress and boosting mental clarity. This holistic method can elevate your sound therapy practice to be more adaptable and impactful.

By delving into combining singing bowls with other sound therapy tools, you can create a distinctive and enriching session that differs from conventional methods. This strategy not only amplifies the healing capabilities but also offers a new outlook on incorporating singing bowls into contemporary wellness practices.

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

Tibetan singing bowls can help reduce anxiety and stress.

All singing bowls are made from the same type of metal.

Singing bowls are only used in yoga practices.


How much should Singing Bowls cost?

A Tibetan singing bowl set can range from as low as $20 for a cheap, mass-produced item to as high as $1,000 or more for a one-of-a-kind handcrafted bowl made of holy metals. The sound quality and vibrational power varies widely amongst price points and different sources. Most yogis and meditation practitioners opt for singing bowls in the range of $40 to $100, made of quartz crystal, bronze, or the sacred 7-metal alloy traditionally used in Nepal.

Do singing bowls really work?

Singing bowls are a perfect way to begin a yoga or meditation practice by using sound therapy to push your mind into a quiet, peaceful state. The vibrations and tones of these bowls have been used for millennia in holy practices. They have been highly effective at calming stressed or anxious individuals, and anecdotal evidence reports the possibility of healing chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, and other physical ailments through the use of singing bowls placed directly on the body.

What is a good singing bowl?

The best singing bowls are made of quality metal or crystal and sourced from an ethical company. Depending on your desired use and experience with the bowls, you can choose from a variety of sizes, from palm sized to over 12″ in diameter. The frequencies and tones of each size and shape of bowl will vary dramatically. The quality and composition of the mallet also drastically affects the singing sound and resonance. A good singing bowl should feel joyful to listen to and vibrate into your heart and mind. It should have a soothing song that brings you closer to a peaceful, meditative state.

Why are singing bowls so expensive?

Singing bowls vary widely in their quality, craftsmanship, materials, and tones. They are typically hand made. Quality singing bowls are handcrafted with specific metals that were sacred to ancient Buddhist meditation practices. These include an alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc to represent the sun, moon, and 5 planets. It can take a Nepalese artisan many months to make the finest singing bowls, and it involves a lot of heavy hand work with hammers and anvils to create the perfect final product you see at meditation studios.

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