Violet Flame Meditation: How to Use Violet Fire to Heal Your Body and Mind

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Violet Flame Meditation: How to Use Violet Fire to Heal Your Body and Mind
Quick Tip: Violet flame meditation transforms negative energy into positive, promoting healing and spiritual growth.

If you’ve been exploring meditation for a while, you’ll know that there are many different meditation techniques. Beyond the most well-known meditation styles, there are some lesser-known but incredibly powerful techniques, such as the violet flame meditation.

Violet flame or violet fire meditation is known to aid healing and transmute negative energy to positive. But how is this possible, and how do you do this meditation technique? Read on to find out.

Prefer video? Here’s one on violet flame meditation

What Is Violet Flame Meditation?

Violet flame meditation is a visualization meditation technique that harnesses the power of the violet flame. Violet flame has various other names, including the “Flame of Transmutation,” “Flame of Mercy,” “Flame of Freedom,” and “Flame of Forgiveness.

The Violet flame is the powerful symbol of the spiritual fire of self-transformation. It is a sacred fire with transformative spiritual energy that can help us move through many obstacles and challenges.

It is believed that violet flame can heal many issues, including physical ailments, strong negative emotions, negative thoughts, and even relationship problems.

The Three Violet Flames

three violet flames

The Violet Flame is a three-fold flame consisting of pink, blue and gold light. Each color of light has different healing properties.

Pink – The pink light is the divine feminine ray of energy, which relates to the right side of our brain and our heart. It manifests as a crystalline pink shade and possesses a power of unconditional love and nurturance. It has several qualities related to the heart chakra, such as compassion and understanding for all beings. Blue – The blue light is the divine masculine ray of energy, which relates to the left side of our brain, the throat, and the heart. It manifests as a sapphire blue shade and links to desire, inner resolve, and inner power. It provides us the will to follow our life purpose and gain leadership over ourselves. Gold – The gold light represents the merging and balancing of the divine feminine and masculine energy rays. It is connected to a higher power and higher states of consciousness.

The Power Of Sacred Fire

sacred fire

Fire is a source of light, heat, and protection. As an element, it can quickly transform something into a different state. This is why in many spiritual traditions, fire represents transformation.

Moreover, several religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, see fire as a symbol of divinity. It is the only element that humans can produce ourselves. Because of this, it is believed to bridge the connection between humans and god, allowing us to receive the highest frequency we are capable of.

The Healing Properties Of The Color Violet

violet fire healing properties

For centuries, color has been a powerful tool for changing our emotions and moods. Moreover, like everything else in the universe, each color operates on a specific frequency.

The color violet is one of the highest vibrational frequencies and is associated with spiritual healing and transformation. It is also linked to the crown chakra (Sahasrara), which is responsible for our development of conscious awareness and ability to connect to divine wisdom.

Violet color promotes universal love and selflessness while enhancing our imagination and creativity. It is also known to help speed out our body’s natural healing process.

The Violet Fire and Its Scientific Basis

Science teaches us that everything fundamentally consists of vibrating energy. Our thoughts and emotions are also forms of energy. When we feel down or harbor negativity, our energy levels decrease. This is where the violet flame comes into play.

The violet flame operates on a level akin to an eraser. It targets the energy within us, which vibrates at a lower frequency. By enhancing the vibration of this energy, the violet flame transmutes it into energy. This isn’t merely a notion; it aligns with the principle that energy can transform.

This process of transformation holds importance. The focus isn’t on obliterating energy but rather on altering its nature. It’s akin to how water can change into steam or ice based on its exposure to energies. The violet flame infuses our thoughts and emotions with vitality, lifting them to a higher state.

So when you’re feeling down, consider turning to the flame as a tool that can assist in shifting your energy from negative to positive.

How Violet Flame Meditation Works

how violet flame meditation works

Violet flame meditation works by transforming and purifying negative energy such as “karma” or energetic blockages in the chakras. The violet flame can blaze through any electron and awaken the pure divinity within it.

The violet flame burns all negative energy and transmutes the electron back to its original state of pure love. This changes the body’s vibratory rate and the frequency of the energy field.

Thus, through violet flame meditation, healing occurs on an atomic level. It doesn’t just have the power to heal physical illness; it goes deeper, removing negative energies from the mental, emotional, causal, and psychic levels.

The meditation technique harnesses the healing energy of violet flame by combining two of the most potent healing properties; color and sound.

Benefits Of Violet Flame Meditation

benefits of violet flame meditation

As mentioned, practicing violet flame meditation can benefit all aspects of our being, bringing positive changes to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Here are some potential benefits of working with violet flame.

It raises your vibration

When our atoms contain negativity, we vibrate on a low vibration, attracting more negativity. Violet flame meditation transmutes this negativity into love, which raises our vibration, creates more positive energy, and improves our general well-being.

It opens your heart

The meditation technique helps to open the heart chakra and cultivate positive qualities such as self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. This has powerful healing properties for emotional and energy healing, allowing us to move past painful emotions, bad memories, grief, and heartbreak.

It promotes spiritual growth

As a transformational energy, this meditation technique can help you cultivate a deeper connection to the divine wisdom within you. This allows you to tap into your true purpose, meet your most authentic self, and hear messages from your intuition.

Because the violet flame can discover and draw up our wounds, you may initially feel worse when practicing this meditation. However, this is a sign that you are entering a growth period and are currently healing (either consciously or unconsciously) something that has been holding you back.

How To Do Violet Flame Meditation

how to do violet flame meditation

During a violet flame meditation session, you use visualization techniques to envision a sphere of white light, which then transforms into powerful violet flames. In addition, you combine sound with this color imagery by speaking aloud a mantra/affirmation.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to do a violet flame meditation session:

Settle In
First, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and sit comfortably with a straight spine. I recommend using a meditation pillow to elevate your hips and reduce tension in the back.
Alternatively, you can sit with your back against the wall. Rest your hands on your thighs and turn your palms to face upwards, relaxing your shoulders away from your ears. Close your eyes and focus on your breath by bringing your awareness to your heart center as you breathe naturally. Choose An Intention
Before you start the meditation, think about what you need healing in your life, such as a physical ailment, emotional hurt, or spiritual imbalance. Take a few minutes to focus on this intention, creating an image of the desired result in your mind. Open With A Mantra
You can open with a short mantra to help your mind become calmer and more present. This could be as simple as chanting Om or any Sanskrit mantra that appeals to you, such as “Om Mani Padme Hum.” Visualize A Sphere Of Light
When you are feeling centered, begin the visualization. Imagine a sphere in the center of your body radiating flames of white light. See the white flames grow stronger and brighter with each breath, and feel the warmth of the fire within your body.
Expand the white light with each breath until the flames have become a bright white sun larger than your body. See the white light surrounding your energy field, extending past your feet and your head. Transform It Into A Violet Flame
Bring your attention to the center of this white sun. Start to envision a small violet flame sparking from the center and gradually growing larger and larger. Watch how it slowly transforms the white sun into a vibrant violet color.
Keeping your focus on the flame, repeat the affirmation: “I AM the Violet Flame of presence, blazing and transforming whatever within me that needs to be healed.”
Repeat this multiple times until you feel the powerful energy rise within you. If you do not resonate with this affirmation, change the words to fit your specific intention better. Send It To Your Intention
Focusing on your intention, hold your hands open in front of you with palms facing outwards like you are pushing away your problem. Watch the violet flame radiate its light from your body through your hands towards the situation, seeing how the negative energy transforms into positive. Dissolve The Fire
Once you feel like your problem has fully dissolved, let the fire die down, getting smaller and smaller with every breath. Close with the same mantra you opened the meditation session with, and take a few moments to rest in the positive feelings of inner peace and serenity.

Because the violet flame meditation is pretty comprehensive, I recommend first trying it as a guided meditation. This short meditation on Insight Timer is an excellent introduction to the violet flame, allowing you to experience an instant energy shift.

This violet flame cleansing meditation on Youtube is another great one to try as it follows the process detailed above yet is just 9 minutes long.

Use the Violet Flame Meditation To Heal Others

Violet flame meditation doesn’t just have the power to heal our own problems and illnesses. We can also use this potent energy to send healing to others, either an individual person or the collective.

To do this, set your intention, focusing on who you want to heal. For example, if you are thinking of a loved one, visualize their face in your mind or use a visual aid like a photo. If you want to send healing to the collective, bring to mind a particular world issue you want to heal, such as poverty or equality.

Exploring the Influence of the Violet Flame on Healing from Previous Lifetime

When you work with the violet flame, you’d like to learn practical techniques for using it to free the unlimited power that exists within you right now to resolve everyday challenges. This practical spirituality is recommended from a an alchemist, as the high-frequency violet ray can help you reconnect with your twin flame on different degrees of vibration and wavelength.

By using violet flame techniques and decree, you can transform your life and still haven’t showered in the violet light of healing from previous lifetimes.

An intriguing aspect of meditating with the violet flame that often goes unnoticed is its ability to support healing from past lives. It’s not just about tackling current life challenges but also about delving into unresolved energies from previous incarnations.

Understanding Past Life Influences

Past life influences are lingering energies and patterns carried over from prior lifetimes. These can manifest as recurring obstacles, fears or even physical ailments in your present life. The violet flame, known for its transformative qualities, can assist in dissolving these influences.

The Role of the Violet Flame in Healing Past Lives

During your practice of violet flame meditation, you can focus on healing traumas from past lives by setting a specific intention. Envision the violet flame surrounding you and penetrating deeply into your soul’s history. Picture it purifying and transforming any negative energies or patterns that have persisted through time.

Personal Reflections on Healing Past Lives

In my own journey, I’ve discovered that concentrating on past life healing using the violet flame has brought about unexpected clarity. I observed patterns in my actions and connections that seemed puzzling until I addressed them through this form of meditation. The outcomes were profound, leading to a sense of freedom and tranquility.

Practical Approaches for Healing Past Lives through Violet Flame Meditation

If you wish to incorporate past life healing into your violet flame meditation practice, begin by setting a clear intention.

You could express, “I embody the violet flame, clearing away all past life burdens.” Envision the flame delving into your essence, cleansing and changing any remaining unfavorable energies.

Delving into past life healing through the violet flame can bring a distinct and potent element to your meditation routine. It enables you to tackle not only the surface issues but also the fundamental origins of your present life obstacles, fostering more profound and enduring recovery.

The Impact of the Violet Flame on Healing the Environment

The violet flame isn’t solely reserved for spiritual well-being; it can also play a role in healing the environment. This concept caught my attention. The notion is that by directing our energy towards areas of the planet struggling with pollution, deforestation, or other environmental issues, we may be able to kickstart a healing process. It involves harnessing the power of the flame to purify and restore harmony to Earth’s ecosystems.

I recall reading about a group of individuals who focused their flame meditation on a river. Over time, they noticed changes not only in their energy but also improvements in the river’s water quality. While it’s challenging to attribute these shifts to meditation without scientific proof, these personal accounts are quite compelling.

This innovative approach to environmental healing blends spirituality with consciousness in a certain way.

Our spiritual routines may not only benefit our development but also contribute to the overall health of our planet. This notion highlights how we are all connected to every living being and underscores the strength of our efforts towards bringing about transformations.

Learning More About Violet Flame

 Alchemy for Personal Change

The violet flame is a potent energy that can be challenging to understand, especially if you are new to energy healing. Thus, if you want to deepen your understanding of violet flame to experience it on the deepest level possible, read Violet Flame: Alchemy for Personal Change.

This book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains the mysteries of the violet flame in an easy-to-understand way. First, Elizabeth explores how ancient mystics and spiritual teachers in the East and West have harnessed this energy and explains how it works. She then gives practical techniques for tapping into the power, including visualization, mantras, prayers, and affirmations.

Personal Experience

As I reflect on my experience with Violet Flame Meditation, the teachings of Saint Germain and the power of the violet flame continue to resonate with me. The violet flame has the ability to transform negative energy into positive, and working with it has been both empowering and enlightening.

I have found that through the practice of violet flame work, I am able to invoke the energy of the violet flame to transform my life in profound ways. It is a practical form of spirituality that offers a unique approach to spiritual transformation. Through exploring exactly how the violet flame works and learning practical ways to work with it, I have seen the benefits of this practice in my life.

The teachings of the ascended master Saint Germain have been invaluable in my spiritual journey, and I am grateful for the guidance and wisdom he imparts. Whether I am looking to invoke the violet flame to heal myself or to support a loved one, I have found that the violet flame can help in ways I never imagined.

It is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice.

Final Thoughts On Violet Flame Meditation

The sacred fire of violet flame is a powerful spiritual energy that we can use to aid our healing and the healing of others. However, the benefits of violet flame meditation come with regular practice, so I recommend committing to this meditation technique every day for one month. To increase the chance of success, stick to the same intention for every session.

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