You Can Get Two Free Tools With a DeWalt Battery Kit Right Now at Lowe's

Upgrade your tool kit or start from scratch with these deals on DeWalt tools.

You Can Get Two Free Tools With a DeWalt Battery Kit Right Now at Lowe's

If you have some maintenance tasks to tackle, or you’re looking to boost your DIY game, having the right tools can make a big difference. Building a starter kit of good quality cordless tools or upgrading the batteries for your existing set can be expensive—but buying tools with batteries that don’t last very long, or take forever to charge, will add unnecessary frustration to your DIY projects. These deals on DeWalt cordless tools can make it more affordable to get some new batteries as well as a couple of new tools while keeping the quality of the tools you’re bringing in mind. (Note that all sales are based on availability, and some are already sold out.)

DeWalt XR 20 volt battery two pack kit

DeWalt’s XR, 20 volt five amp hour batteries ($319) are designed to last longer than their standard 20 volt batteries. If you’re working on projects where you’ll be using your cordless tools for several hours without interruption, these batteries are worth the extra cost. The two pack of batteries and the charger cost $319 for the kit that comes with a tool bag. But during this Memorial Day sale, you can also get two free tools with your battery kit purchase. Here are a few of the best free tool deals you can choose from.

The DeWalt 20 volt jig saw (usual price $219)

The DeWalt ⅜ inch square drive impact wrench (usual price $199)

The DeWalt three inch cut-off tool (usual price $179)

Tools like impact wrenches and saws tend to go through batteries more quickly, so this battery type is a good choice for these. The DeWalt XR 20 volt batteries are compatible with any of DeWalt’s MAX 12 to 20 amp tools and accessories, though, so you can likely use them with your existing DeWalt cordless tools.

DeWalt 20 volt four amp hour battery two pack kit

You can get one free DeWalt tool with the purchase of a 20 volt, four amp hour kit ($199). This slimmer, lighter battery style won’t last as long as the XR batteries, but for occasional use, these batteries will serve you well. You can pick from the same tool list as with the XR battery deal, but you only get to choose one tool from the list for the regular lithium ion batteries. Here are a few tools I'd recommend getting with these batteries.

The DeWalt 20 volt oscillating tool (usual price $169)

The DeWalt 20 volt reciprocating saw (usual price $139)

The DeWalt 20 volt impact driver (usual price $149)

If you’re looking for a cordless tool kit for occasional home maintenance or lighter hobby use, these batteries will work well. The impact driver can also take drill bits designed to connect with its chuck, so you can use it as a drill for pre-drilling as well as for driving screws.

One more free-with-purchase deal on DeWalt

If you’re looking to upgrade your tool kit, Lowe’s is also offering a deal on portable DeWalt table saws. Having a table saw allows you to make straight cuts on sheet goods or rip lumber more easily and can save you time on your DIY projects.

The DeWalt 8 ¼ inch, 15 amp portable corded table saw is on sale for $329, $70 off its regular price. In addition to the discount, you receive a gift with purchase.

Keep in mind that this tool isn’t cordless, so you’ll need a power source to operate it.