DDB Mexico and WeCapital win Glass Lion for creating credit history for women who had none

'Data Tienda,' which also won Creative Data Grand Prix, had close competition in Ogilvy's campaign in Greece for Lacta about fatal domestic violence.

DDB Mexico and WeCapital win Glass Lion for creating credit history for women who had none

Women's financial freedom won over the portrayal of the women at risk in their relationships in the Glass Lion for Change, as “Data Tienda” from DDB Mexico for WeCapital took the Grand Prix.

Outgoing Meta Platforms Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg also got a shoutout from Ascential Events & Intelligence CEO Philip Thomas as the woman who instigated the Glass Lions in a meeting 10 years ago as he reminisced about the award's origins. The Glass Lion recognizes work that addresses gender inequality or prejudice.

What it was

“Data Tienda,” which won Grand Prix in the Creative Data Lions category earlier in the week, is a program designed to address the fact that 83% of women in Mexico have no bank payment history, hence they can’t start businesses because they have no access to credit. Yet nearly all the women actually have long credit histories in the paper records of thousands of shopkeepers. So a system was set up to have women name five trusted shopkeepers, then collect qualitative and quantitative data from the shops via WhatsApp bots to create credit scores for the women.

Within three months, more than 10,000 women received credit histories with help from more than 5,000 shopkeepers. And 23% of those women received microcredit loans from banks.

Why it won

“The two things that we ended up talking about and looking at the most was to what extent creativity was used as a tool to affect the change,” said Colleen DeCourcy, jury president and chief creative officer of Snap, “and then did the work spark a long-term change that can continue to grow and carry on? And the piece that was selected did exactly that.”

The jury

At one point, the jury deadlocked on a decision when all the women voted one way and all the men voted another, DeCourcy said. “And one of the men on the jury said, ‘Well, this clearly affected all the women, so I’m changing my vote.’” The man on the jury, who declined to be identified, confirmed this.