'Ghost Adventures' Returns With New Season: See the Spine-Tingling First Look (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive first look at the trailer for season 29 of the Discovery Channel series, premiering May 15.

'Ghost Adventures' Returns With New Season: See the Spine-Tingling First Look (Exclusive)


7:00 AM PDT, April 17, 2024

Ghost Adventures is returning for a new season, and ET has the first official look at the trailer! The Discovery Channel series kicks off season 29 with a special two-hour episode on May 15, reuniting paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley as they investigate more chilling cases of ghostly phenomena.

This season documents some of the team's most haunting encounters yet, including sinister Skinwalkers and an unprecedented first-ever investigation of the iconic Los Angeles Hospital. 

Each episode follows the ghost hunters as they travel to haunted locations to document proof of the afterlife, meeting with locals, eyewitnesses and experts to piece together the haunted history of each site. Using the latest scientific gadgets and technology, they initiate an immersive lockdown investigation to capture physical evidence of the paranormal and understand each supernatural mystery.

"This season begins with one the most surreal investigations we've ever done," show creator Bagans said in a statement. "The activity the team and I witnessed in and around Torrey, Utah, was terrifying. There is an incredibly old and intense energy permeating the area that has created a vortex of paranormal activity of both the human and non-human kind." 

Season 29 includes the investigation of an Arizona hotel connected to one of America's most violent gangsters and plagued by poltergeist activity; an Old West town haunted by a blood-soaked curse and a former brothel overrun with dark spirit activity; and the iconic Los Angeles Hospital, where thousands of deaths have left a disturbing energy roaming its abandoned halls.

Last year, ET sat down with Bagans to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary and look back on a few of his spookiest scares and happiest haunts.

"Fifteen years of Ghost Adventures, it's kind of like a celebration," Bagans said of the franchise's milestone. "I love doing it. It's just a total break from the material world, which I have gotten very bored with. And I'm just very intrigued to know what happens. There's so much mystery out there. There's so much more than our eyes and our ears and that our bodies can't detect. There's so much more to this life. People see this as a TV show, but this is my life. Fifteen years. I'm having a moment right now of, 'Wow, that's a long time. That's a long time.'"

Among the highlights Bagans reacts to are episodes such as "Island of Dolls" from season 10 ("My forever nightmare!" he passionately recalled), "Clown Motel and Goldfield High School" from season 11, "Gettysburg" from season 4 ("You have such a big place in my heart," he reacted), "The Viper Room" from season 14, "The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" from season 3 (which was also broadcast live), "Cecil Hotel" from season 21, "Devil's Den" from a 2022 two-hour special ("A place that scarred me forever," Bagans admitted) and "The Winchester Mystery House" from season 5, among others.

While Bagans shows no signs of slowing down, he addressed the future of Ghost Adventures -- which first debuted on Travel Channel before moving to its current home on Discovery Channel and Discovery+ -- and was open about whether he's thought about ending the show.

"When the time comes, the time comes and to be doing a show for -- we're going on 16 years now -- it's just unheard of. So if the time comes, the time comes," he said. "And I'm going to be so thankful for the opportunity that I've had to investigate with these three guys that I love. And for all the experiences that we've shared in the locations back then, we're done but we're not."

"I appreciate all of that so much. It's not easy to be on this schedule and to be doing this as much as we do and the toll that it takes on us spiritually and mentally," Bagans noted. "Sometimes we get a lot of s**t for going crazy and acting dramatic or whatever. But these are very real reactions that we have from doing this for so long. And there's no other bigger adrenaline rush. There are no other great moments than helping people, seeing tears from people and just sitting down and talking to people and learning their stories and telling them that they're not alone. That's what they're experiencing, I've experienced it too."

Bagans also credited the Ghost Adventures fans for engaging with their ghost hunts and continuing to tune in to new episodes.

"I love our fans," he said. "And yeah, we'll see how long we keep doing this before we turn into what we're hunting. When I turn into that, there's some people I'm gonna haunt the hell out of. And I ain't even laughing. Because I got a list and I'm checking it twice. And I'm finding out who's naughty or nice. I'm not Santa Claus, but I'm gonna have some fun."

He promised that there's still a long way to go for Ghost Adventures before he and the crew hang their flashlights up for good. "Continue watching us. We're not that old yet. We still got a lot of energy," Bagans quipped, joking that ghost hunting has kept him young. "We're gonna stay looking young, but I think investigating ghosts, it does help us a little bit. Would that be weird? If that's the fountain of youth? Cracked the code."

Ghost Adventures returns with a new episode Wednesday, May 15 on Discovery Channel and Max.