'Married at First Sight': Emily Storms Out of Reunion in Tears (Exclusive)

Tensions continue to rise in part two of 'Married at First Sight's season 17 reunion.

'Married at First Sight': Emily Storms Out of Reunion in Tears (Exclusive)


7:02 AM PDT, April 17, 2024

The Denver women have reached their breaking point.

ET's Kevin Frazier hosts the explosive Married at First Sight reunion, which concludes with part two on Wednesday night, where the face-off between the men and women of this season continues with yelling, crying and on-stage walk-offs. It's no wonder Frazier refers to it as "the most contentious reunion in Married at First Sight history."

In ET's exclusive clip, Lauren responds to a "jab" Cameron made at her, in what seems to be an attempt to find levity amid an increasingly tense conversation. But Lauren isn't having it and doesn't mince words when letting him know how seriously she's taking this.  

"Keep poking the bear, and I'll bite the f**k back," Lauren threatens. "Stop playing with me, Cameron, 'cause you don't scare me."

Emily is first to jump to Lauren's defense, claiming Cameron is not who he says he is – an accusation that came out of part one of the reunion.

Cue the wrestling bells.

"We all f**king know who you are. I'm sorry we read your f**king crazy text messages," Emily says as Lauren tries to take back control of the conversation.

The heated discussion is a result of the revelations that came to light in part one of the season 17 reunion, where the Denver men were exposed for deceiving the marriage experiment with a "master plan" they created together in an attempt to control the narrative of their portrayal on the show.

At one point, Emily breaks down crying as Brennan recounts an event involving their separation date. The conversation quickly escalates as their fellow castmates jump in, turning it into a yelling match that leaves Emily so frustrated, she storms off of the stage.

"I'm not doing this s**t. This is f**ked up. I'm done," Emily says through tears as she walks off set.

This season of Married at First Sight followed five couples' journeys through a trial marriage, all of whom chose to end their relationships by the end of the season.