I tried TikTok’s viral grated eggs, and I’m never looking back

It's the TikTok food trend we can 1oo per cent back. 

I tried TikTok’s viral grated eggs, and I’m never looking back

There's a lot that can be said about viral TikTok food trends... but let's stay focused on the positive, yeah?

This morning I was inspired to try out something that has blown up on TikTok (and even made it's way over to Instagram... which is when you know the trend has legs), and blow me down if it's not the easiest but most satisfying way to eat your eggs.

We all know that eggs have been long hailed as an unassuming (and cheap!) 'superfood' of sorts - weilding some pretty transformative power over your health thanks to their high levels of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, selenium, vitamin D and B12, as well as being damn tasty.

But if you don't love the texture of a hard boiled egg, or are confused as to how to properly cook one in the first place (thank you for the clarification, Chrissie Teigen), may I present you with a solution?

Behold, grated boiled eggs.

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Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh, who goes by the handle @healthyishfoods, is being hailed as the inventor of this simple food hack, with her original video racking up over 3.5M views since it was posted. The original incarnation sees her grated one hard boiled egg over one slice of toast - which is first smothered in Kewpie mayonnaise, layered with sliced avocado then after the egg is grated over, topped with three dollops of Sriracha.

I have long-been a fan of an egg-topped avo toast, so decided to give it a whirl this morning. AND BLOW ME DOWN IF IT DIDN'T CHANGE MY LIFE.

Whilst I left off the mayo and hot sauce, and I preferred to 'smoosh' (yes, that's the technical term for it) my avocado rather than slice it, I copied her recipe and was impressed with how easy but also transformative it was.

Grating hard boiled eggs is hardly a MasterChef move, but it does totally change the texture - meaning you can get a more even spread of egg-to-avo-to-toast ratio, and it looks mighty pretty, too.

The only tip I have is to ensure your eggs are hard-hard boiled, as a jammier, soft centre won't grate as well.

Now, you just need to master this 30-second trick to peeling them and your mornings will be a lesson in hassle-free #cleanliving.

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