Parenting Methods I’ve Tried

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Parenting Methods I’ve Tried

I became ungovernable at an early age (I wasn’t an especially wild child, but I ha-a-ated rules I considered arbitrary), so poor Jeanne O. had to contend with things like me putting soap in my own mouth so I could curse (something she suggested as a cliched punishment and would *never* have done). I salute you, Jeanne O.

this is amazing. i love little you!

OMG I remember doing the soap thing to *myself* one time. I wish I remembered the curse word I said to inspire that…

You might look at Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies framework. You sound like a Questioner.

My son once put himself in time out at like 2.5yo. At the time, we used the Alexa to set a timer for 2 minutes for time outs. He said the name for our Alexa and “set timer for 2 minutes” and went and sat on the step! That was the end of the Alexa!!

We would also tell him that if he did XYZ again, he would go in time out. He would stand there and think about it for a minute, then either do it or not. We could see the wheels turning in his head to decide if it was worth it or not! We called it deciding to ‘take his nickel.’

Dear Lauren O., I’m a preschool teacher and I often say to parents that the traits that can make parenting hard can end up being the traits that make their grownup children amazing! Like a super strong-willed child won’t let anyone push them around as an adult, etc. (As befits a preschool teacher at the end of the week, I’m super tired, so hopefully what I’ve written makes sense!)

Hahaha my 7 year old consistently asks “what’s the punishment?” so she can weigh her options. It’s gonna be a wild ride through the teenage years.